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Video: 'The Empire Strikes Back' - 'The Revenant'-Style Trailer!

Video: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ – ‘The Revenant’-Style Trailer!

Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t the first actor to get mauled by a giant beast and look for warmth by sleeping inside a dead animal’s corpse. Check out the PoP! Studios parody of ‘Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’ done in the style of ‘The Revenant’ trailer!

PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast, Episode 42

PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast, Episode 42

The Oscar nominations have been announced, and Ben and Justin have opinions about them. Join your favorite online film freaks as they predict the winners and give their thoughts on what should and shouldn’t have been nominated.

BLAARGH! Oscar's Stunt Snubbing

BLAARGH! Oscar’s Stunt Snubbing

The Academy Awards are supposedly a celebration of films, but there’s one major facet that they’ve been ignoring for far too long.

PCN- PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast, Episode 23

PCN- PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast, Episode 23

This week, Ben and special guest Scott “pumkinheadfan” Sager give their two cents about the highs and lows of the recent Oscars ceremony, pay tribute to the great Ralph McQuarrie, and gab about the latest bad decision by the MPAA. Join us for two hours of prime cinematic discussion.

In Defense Of...Ten Best Picture Oscar Nominees

In Defense Of…Ten Best Picture Oscar Nominees

The Academy Awards’ controversial decision to nominate ten movies for Best Picture may not be such a bad idea after all, especially for this year. Here are a few reasons why…