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We’re all about comics here at Panels on Pages, but a geek cannot live on comics alone. Outside the Longbox is our chance to spotlight something outside our typical four-color realm – be it movies, music, TV or whatever.

A screencap from BonetheFish.com

A screencap from BoneTheFish.com

Awhile back in late April, I wrote an Outside the Longbox article about JumpTheShark.com and its demise (even the section on TVGuide.com that the link used to direct to is now gone, and you only get jumped – pun definitely intended – to the main page. It can still be found here, but it’s stupid as hell). After the column went up, I was contacted by Jason Lenox who informed me that the former community of Jump the Shark moved to a new place called Bone the Fish. With PoP! being born on another Web site and recently the old place seeming to be gone for good, our old community reformed in our new forums – so I can easily identify with the founders of Bone the Fish.

Aside from the need to change the name, the basics remained the same: A collection of TV shows and any reasons members think they Jum– err, Boned the Fish (or not), as in lost their edge. The Web site is still relatively new, so on the surface it looks like it’s waiting to explode. As a fan of the original site, I want to see Bone the Fish succeed. New additions to the Web site are other categories to rank, from Musicians through Celebrities to Random Topics. As you may remember, Ted McGinley (Married… with Children) was the “mascot” of Jump the Shark, and Bone the Fish was looking for its own Patron Saint for a couple of months. Eventually, Dawn Lyn appears to be the “winner.” I have no clue who she is, but it sounds like a fair choice.

Now head on to Bone the Fish and show your distaste for Kid Rock (unless you like him, for whatever weird reason) or how you admire the shiny head of Terry O’Quinn. Suddenly I wish Watchmen had a sequel so I could vote “Day 1.” Hmm…

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Who ARE these people!?

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  1. Ben Gilbert says:

    PoP! had better buy the domain name FucktheRancor.com before these guys change over again.

  2. Tomer Soiker says:

    I don’t know… CoverYourBallsWithRancor.com or DoItWithRancorInTheJacuzzi.com sound more fitting.

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