21 Comic Reviews From 11/4/15 in 21 Words or Less

This week was a huge week for comics. Lots of new issues and lots of good comics. I picked up 21 new comics this week and I wanted to find a way to review all of them without killing myself by writing a 5000 word piece. So the hook I’m going with is reviewing all 21 books in 21 words or less . The order of the reviews really doesn’t mean anything, it’s just the order that I read the comics in. Let’s not waste any more time, here are the reviews:

Batman and Robin Eternal #5: Action packed issue, but three artists on this book is not a good sign of things to come.


Drax #1 cover by Ed McGuinness

Drax #1: Surprisingly boring. Not sure if I’ll be reading issue two, we’ll see how well Punk can draw readers.

Uncanny X-Men #600: Strong ending to the Bendis run that leaves a lot open for the next creators to work with.

Extraordinary X-Men #1: Cool scenes and great art somehow make a just ok comic here. Disappointingly uninteresting, feels like a retread.

Deadpool #1: I love the meta commentary here about the over-saturation of Deadpool in the comic market. This won me back.

Vision #1:  This comic is fantastic. The way it’s written is really interesting, like you’re watching a documentary. Highly recommended!


Vision #1 cover by Mike Del Mundo

Invincible Iron Man #3: Really enjoying the Bendis/Marquez Iron Man so far. Loved the visual gag with Doctor Strange.

James Bond #1: Very solid start to the series, but i’m thinking of waiting for the trade. Good cold open.

Pacific Rim- Tales From the Drift #1: Kind of a weak first issue. If it wasn’t Pacific Rim, I’m not sure I would be back for #2.

The Woods #17: This series is getting weirder, but it’s still the comprehensible alternative to Morning Glories.

Paper Girls #2: Chiang’s art is perfect for this comic and Matt Wilson’s colors make it look even better.

Amazing Spider-Man #3: This issue was kind of dumb. Peter and Human Torch acted like idiots. Worst Slott issue in a while.


Elephantmen #67 cover by Karibu

Elephantmen #67: LOVE LOVE LOVE what Axel Medellin did with his art in the flashback scene in this issue. Great read as always.

Midnighter #6: This continues to be my favorite series from DC. I didn’t see the end of this issue coming at all.

Citizen Jack #1: This series looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. Reminds me of Sam Humphries’ Our Love is Real.

Velvet #12: This is one of the best looking books on the stands. Need to do a reread one of these day.

Howard the Duck #1: Just as great as it was pre-Secret Wars. Gwenpool is still dumb though.

Dark Corridor #4: This really feels like a serialized Tarantino movie to me. I’m hoping it gets to have a long run.

Doctor Strange #2: This is everything I could want out of a Doctor Strange series.

Ninjak #9: Lots of big reveals in this issue of Ninjak. Still greatly enjoying this book.


Klaus #1 cover by Dan Mora

Klaus #1: As far as Santa comics by Grant Morrison go, this is perfect. And Dan Mora’s art is stunning. Buy this book!

Before I wrap this up, I’ve got a few points to make.

  • Out of the 21 books I read this week, 9 of them were first issues.
  • Outside of the first issues, 6 books were on their fifth issue or earlier.
  • The highest numbered issue (outside of Uncanny X-Men 600, which I’m not counting because it was renumbered multiple times) is Elephantmen at issue 67. The next book on that list would by The Woods at issue 17.

It’s interesting to look at the numbering of books these days. The companies are pumping out number 1’s as often as they can because that’s what sells. It seems as though most series lose readers as the books go on and you get to a point where there are enough issues in a series where new readers won’t bother to try picking up the book. Volumes are getting shorter because that’s what the market wants.

The two best things I read this week were number 1 issues; Klaus and Vision. I highly recommend picking up both of those books and trying something new.


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  1. My money is on the evil kid becoming Santa.

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    There was way more than 21 words in this article bro. It felt like a thousand.

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