Review: ‘Delia Awesome’ #2

Writer: Michael Schneider
Artist: Michael Schneider

Delia_Awesome_02Last week we took a look at the first issue of Delia Awesome, wherein the titular character lost a boyfriend but gained much more. In the recently-released second issue, Michael Schneider takes Delia through the aftermath of her ordeal. Having no one else to turn to, Delia calls her ex-boyfriend Rick and the two agree to meet and talk. About what happened to Delia as well as them as a couple.

And that is pretty much all that happens here. The achievement of Schneider here is that, though the issue is mostly dialogue he can still make this an engaging read. There are some bits of whimsy and freaking out when Delia shows symptoms of her ordeal, but this is mostly a book about two people having a conversion.

One of the main strengths we pointed out in Schneider’s writing last week of how he makes his characters feel very real. That ability to identify is what makes this issue stand out. It’s difficult to describe an issue of just people talking. It’s not done very often in comics because it’s typically death to read 20+ pages of nothing but talking heads. Schneider sprinkles in enough breaks so that it doesn’t get completely monotonous, but it’s not something he even had to do. The strength of his characters – with all their faults, foibles, quirks and passions – carries this book, and that’s no small feat to accomplish.

There’s not a lot of action in Delia Awesome #2, and it’s not necessary. Michael Schneider continues showing his ability to give emotional resonance to the seemingly mundane, and tops himself here. Extenuating and extraordinary circumstances aside, Delia Awesome #2 is a wonderful character study that earns 4 out of 5 Silverware Hands.


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