Review: ‘Delia Awesome’ #1

Writer: Michael Schneider
Artist: Michael Schneider

This was our thoughts on Delia Awesome back when the book was initially released. By request, we have the chance to take a closer look at the book as the second issue (to be reviewed here next week) has recently seen the light of day.

Delia_Awesome_01Much of this first issue focuses on Delia as she is informed by her live-in boyfriend of seven years, Rick, that he is breaking up with her and moving out. Delia’s reaction is to withdraw into herself until (she thinks) she’s ready to venture back out. After discovering who Rick is with now and (probably) why, Delia seems to hit bottom – until an incident on her way home changes her life in ways no one could imagine.

The initial thoughts on this book are spot on – writer/artist Michael Schneider throws the story of a break-up one helluva fun curveball. But he also fleshes Delia out as a very real person before the incident. Delia’s reactions to the breakup and her subsequent emotional convalescence feel very real. Despite this being our first encounter with Delia, it’s tough to not think we’ve known her for a long time and truly sympathize with her situation. This is brilliant writing by Schneider to create a character so relatable, and he keeps it up with the incident near the end that completely changes the narrative. We don’t care how long ago this issue came out – we’re keeping this spoiler-free because reading that twist is entirely too much fun of a curveball. That said, it’s almost a little too jarring when it happens given the setup and amount of time we spend looking at Delia’s life before it happens.

Schneider’s art is understated – exactly how it should be. There are no lush spreads or abstract experimentation. The simple linework is elegant and perfectly adds not only to the story, but to the characterization of Delia. Her emotional state nearly annihilates her self-esteem to the point where Delia comes across as feeling like she should be hidden from the rest of society. The art only adds to that feeling and compliments the story excellently.

With the second issue out, it’s a great time to go back and look at the first issue of Delia Awesome. The reward to be found is some excellent characterization and a defining surprise. As long as the reader is somewhat prepared for it when it happens. Next week we’ll see if the continuation can top this first issue’s score of 4 out of 5 Aspirin and Beer Breakfasts.


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