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With another movie on the horizon Hasbro has put a spotlight on their Transformers series. Expect to see a lot of Dinobots and their leader Grimlock. Hasbro will be issuing many, many variations of the Dinobot leader for the collectors and those kids just discovering the Transformers. Hasbro hasn’t forgotten the rest of the Transformers lineup. The standout of the bunch is the 30th Anniversary Leader Class Jetfire along with the fan built bot Windblade.


A72960000_Jetfire4 copy A72960000_Jetfire2 copy

(Ages: 5 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $44.99/Available: Fall 2014)

The TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS LEADER class celebrates the 30th anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS brand with large, feature-packed action figures available for Transformers fans! This popular scale arrives in the Generations segment with the introduction of an all-new version of JETFIRE. The Autobots’ aerial commander features a large and detailed sculpt with snap-on armor, battle helmet, weapons and accessories, and converts from robot to armored jet mode.

319992_Gen_Dlx_Windblade_2 319992_Gen_Dlx_Windblade_1


(Ages: 5 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: January 2014)

The TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS DELUXE Assortment features characters and designs from throughout the 30-year history of the TRANSFORMERS brand, each including a special edition comic book from IDW Publishing featuring that character! Characters available in 2014 include RATTRAP, ARCEE, NIGHTBEAT and the “Fan Built Bot” WINDBLADE, a new character who was designed with the help of TRANSFORMERS fans around the world! Each sold separately.

A6518_GimLock_Robot_1 A6518_GimLock_Beast

A6517_OP_Vehicle_v1 A6517_OP_Robot_1

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION GENERATIONS LEADER Assortment (Ages: 8 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $44.99/Available: May 2014) The TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION GENERATIONS LEADER assortment features large, feature-packed action figures available to TRANSFORMERS fans based on the hotly anticipated new film! Each GENERATIONS LEADER figure features a large-scale, movie-accurate design and weapons and accessories and converts from robot to alternate mode. Choose from OPTIMUS PRIME and GRIMLOCK, each sold separately.


A7815 Dinobot Slash Robot A7815 Dinobot Slash Dino

A7814 - Strafe_veh2 A7814 - Strafe_3

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, hitting theaters in the U.S. on June 27th of this year, marks the fourth big-screen TRANSFORMERS film from director Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures. The new film introduces a new cast of human characters, including Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, and unites a cast of new and returning TRANSFORMERS robot characters, including classic characters OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE and eagerly awaited new additions like GRIMLOCK and the DINOBOTS!


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