2014 PoP!ples Choice Awards Voting!

popawards14bannerEvery March, we at PanelsOnPages.com celebrate the anniversary of our founding with The PoP!ples Choice Awards, showcasing the best (and sometimes worst) PoP! and The PoP!ulation has to offer.  This year, it’s time to change things up a little bit. Instead of our annual ass-grab, we’re applauding the best fandom has to offer in categories such as movies, TV, comics, and culture. Some things haven’t changed, however, as YOU, The PoP!ulation, get to decide the winners.

We’ve got fifteen categories for you to cast your vote, with some of the best stuff from the past year (February 1st, 2013, to February 1st, 2014) amongst the nominees. But wait…what if your favorite didn’t get a nom? That’s cool…each category has the option for a Write-In vote, just sound off in the comments!

Voting is open until the stroke of midnight on March 1st, and the winners will be announced on the March 4th #PoPCast! Vote early, vote often, and bring your friends!



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  1. Nick says:

    League of Legends

  2. Ben Gilbert says:

    As much as I enjoyed all the movies on the ballot (except for Star Trek Into Darkness), I’m going to have to go with a write-in for Gravity, which was the most thrilling and immersive theater experience I’ve had all year…and I didn’t even see it in 3D.

  3. matweller says:

    I must be stupid — I can’t find where to go for voting.

  4. I like how Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is nominated for both Best Series and Biggest Disappointment.

  5. Jason Knize says:

    There is a “Next” button at the bottom of the first page and underneath every vote, there is also a navigator for all 16 pages underneath the facebook widget.

  6. Gavin says:

    My other vote for Best Newest Musician is StarBomb

  7. Gojiratoho says:

    Best Ongoing Funny Book – The Sixth Gun

  8. David Page says:

    Best videogame: The wolf among us

  9. matweller says:

    Funny Book Writer: Brian K. Vaughn

  10. matweller says:

    Imma vote LEGO over TMNT for best toys, but to be fair, it’s because IMO the LEGO TMNT toys are even better than the actual figures. Love. Them.

  11. matweller says:

    AHAHAHA — I got 3 votes! That’s 3 more than expected. #ItsAnHonor2BNominated

  12. D-Rock says:

    Agents of Shield better than Game of Thrones? I call bullshit.

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