BLAARGH! TV’s “Extra Minute.”

Why do bad things happen to good fans? Whether it’s atrocious art, ridiculous writing or something else entirely – some crimes against fandom cannot go unanswered. When that happens, it’s time to say ”BLAARGH!

FX does it right. The most recent season of Sons of Anarchy (a typically 1-hour show) had episodes that would run anywhere between an hour fifteen minutes to two hours, depending on how much story they had in a given week. That’s an awesome bonus. A lot of networks these days are just being awful by running some of their more popular shows for an hour and one minute (sometimes an hour and three minutes). There’s content in an additional 15-30 minutes. This one minute is just to f-ck with us because we want to DVR Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This show punishes us in more than one way, really.

This show punishes us in more than one way, really.

Really, this scourge goes deeper than DVR. By running over a minute, we’re forced to miss the opening of any show not on the same network, even if we’re watching live. Most DVRs have a function to start recording early and end late, but few have the ability to start late or end early. They’ve programmed themselves around the safeguards of our beloved machines, the very safeguards meant to ensure we didn’t miss our shows before the networks were actively trying to hurt us as viewers. Sure, decisions have to be made. Not every show is going to make the cut, but we shouldn’t have to plan around a show’s credits in the hopes of recording a show that comes on after it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. regularly lasts 61 minutes. The Walking Dead will usually run for 63, and the last three minutes is often the only time something actually happens on that show. These are big genre hits. How long before we all have to upgrade our DVRs to fight this nonsense? It’s dirty pool, TV people. This may be the dirtiest of pools. What say you, dear reader? Which of your favorite shows have fallen pretty to the extra minute and how do you deal with it?


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  1. matweller says:

    Fortunately, our DirecTV receiver can record 5 shows at the same time, so overlap is never a problem. Let’s be honest, if you find yourself regularly needing to record more shows than that simultaneously, you probably need to ask you enabler to start bringing you no more than 5 burritos at a time or you’re never going to fit through that door again.

    As for the time past the hour, we record Walking Dead and SHIELD and I don’t remember either of them being cut off, but I know some of my wife’s shows do get cut off pretty regularly. Yes, it’s stupid. Personally, to me that would mean just not watching that show rather than bending myself to watch it live, and I’m betting enough of any given audience feels that way that if station programmers don’t get smarter, they’re going to kill shows that would have made them top-rated. I don’t DVR to avoid commercials, I DVR because I cannot possibly watch those shows when they’re on, so it’s DVR or nothing and if I can’t watch the whole show, it’s nothing.

    There’s too much out there to see on your terms to suffer stupid programming. It’s like the problem movie houses have with Netflix — sure, you can be belligerent and deny Netflix the chance to stream your movie, but that’s only going to kill your movie. Netflix streaming is how movie rental is done in the post 2010 world, idiot. Good luck generating money for your next project. Was the last Star Trek movie good? I heard it was, but I’ll never know ’cause it’s not on Netflix streaming. Is Daniel Craig a good Bond? I bet he would be, but I may never find out because Casino Royale isn’t on Netflix streaming.

    Media execs are so weak…

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