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In my two years of predicting surprise returns in WWE‘s annual Royal Rumble match, I’ve been correct 1 out of 12 times.  I have a good feeling about this year, though!

Not only is the current WWE roster more stacked than it has been in 10 years, but Vince has finally pulled the trigger and unified the two top championships in the company, making a Rumble win all that more precious.  Expect a lot of great story-telling in this year’s 30-man over-the-top-rope Battle Royale, as well as a few surprises to pop the WWE Universe. I’ve gathered this list of six superstars who could possibly make an appearance in this year’s Rumble match, including legends, rookies, and active competitors! Let’s see if I can improve upon my 1/12 record!


I went out on a limb last year, picking the newly-signed El Generico to make his debut in the Royal Rumble to a smattering of “Ole!” chants from a smark Rumble audience.  Although Generico didn’t debut in the Rumble, WWE did debut Bo Dallas, the winner of an NXT tournament for a Rumble spot, who went on to have a forgettable feud with Wade Barrett before being sent back to the minors. El Generico has been reborn as Sami Zayn in NXT, is currently one of the top faces on their roster, and is destined for greatness after he reaches the main WWE roster. As WWE prepares to debut NXT on the soon-to-launch WWE Network, why not showcase one of the top-stars in the Rumble match?


Sheamus quietly disappeared with an injury in August during a time when his face character had worn out its welcome. He’s been cleared to wrestle for weeks now, so we can only assume that “The Great White” will return like a house on fire in the Rumble match. Let’s hope the returning Sheamus reverts to his hard-nosed heel ways back from his WWE debut and first world title run, giving the character a new lease on life as well as adding another top-level heel for the main event faces to do battle with.


Rob Van Dam is one of those highly (no pun) recognizable veterans who have found a career sweet spot with today’s WWE, cashing nice paychecks while not burning out with the 365-day-a-year road schedule. RVD reportedly enjoys 90-day contract periods, his last starting with Money in the Bank in July and ending with Battleground in October. The Rumble is the perfect time for a return for the Whole F’n Show, and the acrobatic Van Dam could battle for “HOLY SH–!” moment of the night against the likes of Kofi Kingston.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been campaigning on Twitter for months for a berth in the Rumble match following his physical and mental transformation via DDP Yoga. It appears as if Roberts and the WWE are at least on speaking terms considering The Snake’s surprise appearance at the conclusion of Old School RAW earlier this month, but could that have been the last we see of Jake The Snake on WWE TV for the time being? Despite blowing their proverbial wad with Jake at Old School RAW, the guy can still pop a crowd and a brief entry in the Rumble match isn’t so farfetched anymore.


I had the Ultimate Warrior on my short list Rumble returns before he was officially announced as an inductee into 2014’s Hall of Fame class. Usually WWE waits until after the Rumble and the official beginning of the Road to Wrestlemania before revealing Hall of Fame inductees, so could they be teasing a Royal Rumble return? Warrior’s character is almost tailor-made for a Rumble appearance, with his high-octane entrance, furious offense and reputation for having terrible cardio.  Let Warrior clean house only to purposefully eliminate himself while still keeping a head of steam.


I’ve had Daniel Bryan pegged to win the Rumble and headline Wrestlemania since Summerslam, but it is alleged that the WWE have been resistant to the idea…or they’ve at least wanted us to believe as much. Following Bryan’s swerve of the Wyatt Family and the Stone Cold-sized crowd reaction he received as he perched atop the steel cage two weeks ago on RAW, a Rumble win seemed to be a lock for D-Bry. Then, this past week’s RAW intimated that Bryan wouldn’t even participate in the Rumble match, opting instead for a one-on-one encounter with Bray Wyatt.  WWE aren’t that ignorant to the level of star-power they currently have on their hands with Bryan, are they? Who knows…a year from now, Bryan might not be receiving the same level of support from the crowds, so it’s important that they strike while the iron is hot and get the man formerly known as The American Dragon into this year’s Rumble match and the main event at Mania XXX. We can only hope that WWE is trying to bait-and-switch the smarks, and that Daniel Bryan entering the Rumble is the biggest surprise they have in store. YES! YES! YES!

Watch WWE’s Royal Rumble this Sunday at 8PM EST, only on Pay Per View


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  1. Jeremiah Vetter says:

    Those all seem like pretty safe bets. Two guys I’d love to see show up would be Sting and Kurt Angle. Granted, Sting will never happen and Kurt is still under contract, I believe until this summer. It would be amazing to have Angle show up for the Rumble and get a ‘Mania spot though.

    But WWE has been good at getting guys who haven’t been with the company for a while. RVD, Sheamus, Warrior, Jake are linked to the company and have been mentioned on RAW. Seeing somebody like Hurricane, Shelton Benjamin, MVP or Tajiri would be surprising.

  2. Jason Knize says:

    Just trying to improve my 1/12 record! 😀

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