Riddle Me This: Would the Seasons Affect Superman?

Who’d win in a fight between Superman and Spawn? How the f*ck old is Cable? And what in the holy hell is a Megatron? When the tough questions arise, Panels on Pages will gather the facts, but it’s up to the PoP!ulation to draw its own conclusions. So come on… Riddle Me This!

This might be a dumb question, but being in the dead of winter has me wondering, would Superman be affected by the Earth’s seasons?


I admit, I’m not a Superman fan, although I’ve taken a liking to the current run of Superman/Wonder Woman. So maybe this question has already been answered. But driving along, listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain perihelion and the tilt of the Earth’s axis, I began to wonder if Superman might experience a shift in his powers between winter and summer.

Junior high science lesson: We experience seasons due to the tilt of the planet. The planet’s tilt causes the length of days to fluctuate between winter and summer.


Because Superman will be experiencing less sunlight exposure as fall turns to winter, assuming he stays in Metropolis, wouldn’t his powers decrease, however imperceptibly? Or does Superman kind of enjoy a boost from the net solar radiation coming from all parts of the world?

I wonder if the latter is true, considering that the Fortress of Solitude has been located in both the Arctic and Antarctic in various stories, locations in which there is perpetual night or day depending on the season.

As we go through the “winter blues” and polar vortexes and whatnot, I can’t help but wonder if Clark Kent isn’t the least bit fazed. I call on the Superman fans for an answer to my question: Is Superman affected by the Earth’s seasons? (And I apologize if this is a seriously dumb question, but it’s been gnawing at me for weeks.)


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  1. Arsenal says:

    It depends on what version you’re talking about. The old Superman who’s cells acted like a solar battery, then no they wouldn’t because he was fully charged after years and keep refilling the charge. Now the new stories where yellow sun is basically a on/off switch for super powers then I would guess it would cause some changes to him.

  2. D-Rock says:

    Something to remember is that Superman is a solar battery, so even when there’s no sunlight there’s no immediate decrease in power, it would fade over time. With that said, if the seasons do affect his power (which may very well be valid), it would be so minimal based on his reserves and the fact that there is still some sunlight

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