PoP! Top 6-Pack: Why Frozen is a Perfect Disney Movie


Frozen is one of those Disney movies that you’re going to want to watch again and again. With an engaging story, snappy pace, and a great soundtrack, this is a movie that belongs on a list with the Disney greats. Here are six reasons why Frozen is so special.



#6 – It’s Contemporary and Funny

Many of Disney’s top princess movies are timeless. They shy away from using dialogue or references that are anachronistic to the movie. While Frozen still retains that feeling of “long, long ago”, the dialogue is really modern and accessible to today’s audiences. Anna actually talks like a teenager, and occasionally she busts out with a line that is totally out of sync with the general image of a Disney princess. It works wonderfully to add a bit of contemporary flavor to the movie, and it’s funny, too.

The most hilarious parts of Frozen, though, go to Olaf, the magical snowman. He’s so naïve and sweet. Originally I expected him to be the Jar-Jar of this movie, but he’s an example of a comedic sidekick done right.




#5 – Elsa’s Dr. Manhattan moment

Not only is Elsa’s big scene (and song) one of the most magnificent things you will ever see on the big screen this year, but I got a definite sense of a certain scene from Watchmen that made me love it even more. I’m sure it was unintentional, but still, I enjoyed it. It’s that little things that get you sometimes.

dr manhattan mars




# 4 – Sven the Raindog

If you own a large dog (or are friends with one), you’ll love Sven, Kristoff’s reindeer best friend. Disney does animated animals really well, and Sven is an example of how Disney uses real-life animal body language to bring non-anthropomorphic characters to life. Sven’s a really cute character, and his similarities to man’s best friend will melt your heart.




#3 – Music by Disney (and Broadway!) Veterans

I predict that Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez will be the next Alan Menken of Disney animation. Menken wrote the songs for most of Disney’s beloved classics, and I think this team will have a long career ahead of them as Disney’s new favorite composers (if they so choose).

They already have a great Disney property behind them:  The magical Finding Nemo: The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The songs in that show are extremely catchy, just as the songs in Frozen are. In fact, Bobby Lopez has a ton of experience writing catchy showtunes, winning Tony and Grammy awards for his work on Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon. (He’s also won an Emmy, which means that his work on Frozen could possibly give him the coveted EGOT.)




#2 – The Animation is Just… WOAH

It’s really gorgeous. With every new film the technology just gets better and better, and in Frozen the snow really looks and acts like snow. The ice looks perfect. I can only imagine how difficult animating ice would be. Plus, despite being computer animated, the characters in Frozen really have that Disney look to them. Compare the profiles of Anna and Elsa to, say, Jane in Tarzan, and you realize that there isn’t much difference in the character design at all.





#1 – Pitch-Perfect Performances

Gone are the days of Disney giving speaking and singing parts to two different actors (*cough* Mulan *cough*). The actors in Frozen all turn out perfect performances in every way.

Many of the actors in leading roles aren’t big Hollywood names, but they’re extremely accomplished on the Broadway stage. Idina Menzel (Elsa) is best known from Rent and as Elphaba in Wicked. In fact, I think Elsa’s song “Let It Go” will be Menzel’s new signature song, replacing Wicked’s “Defying Gravity”. Jonathan Groff and Santino Fontana are also great in their roles. Josh Gad, who was on that terrible 1600 Penn show but was also in The Book of Mormon on Broadway, is wonderful as Olaf the snowman.

Finally, Kristen Bell, in the leading role, was fantastic. I knew she had done some off-Broadway shows in the past, but didn’t realize how great her voice was. Her portrayal of Anna was perfect.


What else can I say? Go see Frozen. Really, it’s great. You’ll thank me later.


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  1. I’m hoping to get the family out to see this one this weekend. I’m hearing nothing but good things.

  2. Superdoug says:

    Great article, Mary! I can’t wait to see this one. ‘The Snow Queen’ was one of my favorite fairy tales as a kid; I’m excited to see this updated version.

  3. I have a feeling that Zoe will really, really love it.

  4. Tito says:

    Jenn and I loved it! I can never get enough of Idina Menzel.

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