Awful Snack Popcast Episode 7

We have a genuine female on the show this week (not just that near-miss Kerouac) as June’s FGotM Meagan VanBurkleo graces the Popcast.  We talk all sorts of madness, as per ususal, but the main topic is this year’s E3 and all the awesomeness coming forth from it.  Check it out, won’t you?

Popcast Episode 7

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Also mentioned this week:

June’s Fangirl of the Month and Uber Guest Meagan VanBurkleo
Figure 8: the Greatest Transformers Ever
Knize’s OUTSTANDING Obama Blaargh!
Rolling Out for 25 Years 

The song of the week comes from Benjamin Bear.

And when the time comes and the show screeches to a halt, this is the Penny Aracde strip we’re looking at.


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  1. DeathByChickFlix says:

    HAH! Penny Arcade FTW!

  2. esbat says:

    You sonsabitches! *cries*

  3. esbat says:

    Not… official… guest… *weeps and buries his face in topcat’s chest*

  4. esbat says:

    The Gamers movie that was talked about:

  5. esbat says:

    “Mmm… Zatanna” lmfao, creepy dude lol. Love ya!

  6. esbat says:

    Hell yeah Kerouac, ASM’s American Son story is FUCKIN’ SWEET!

  7. esbat says:

    Hell yeah, Mighty Avengers! IT’S ON BITCH! lmao

  8. esbat says:

    As you can tell i comment as I listen… great show. Rob was solid, Megan was great, and Lee and Kerouac were sexy as usual. Ben and Knize were missed, but nonetheless the show was high caliber good times.

  9. Esbat says:

    ♪As long as we’ve got each other…♫

  10. Ben Gilbert says:

    Stellar show, lady and gents. Am I the only one who thinks Kerouac sounds like Eeyore when he lags? Oh, and Rob…I got you beat. The last gaming system I owned was the Super NES.

  11. Ben Gilbert says:

    Hey I’m good if I can pick up some comics, trades, and DVDs in a given month…times is tuff. And I got so far behind videogame-wise I never bothered to catch up, and now I can’t afford to. I’m thinking of getting a Wii when we get our tax return next year, though.

  12. Ben Gilbert says:

    Consider it tentatively ON for early 2010.

  13. Ben Gilbert says:

    Holy crap…that’s right! I dun lurned sumpin tooday.

  14. Esbat says:

    Hell yes I’m Boner!

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