Make It So: The Squadron Supreme Movie

If there’s one thing we geeks love to do, it’s wax theoretical on all the things that could have been, or should be, involving our favorite characters or properties. Whether an unseen final season or a never-produced line of action figures, we want them. Now. Make It So!

MiS_SS_01In 1969 comic book legends Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema created a new team of supervillains, the Squadron Sinister, to face off against the Avengers. Clearly based on the Distinguished Competition’s flagship superheroes Superman (Hyperion), Batman (Nightwing), Green Lantern (Doctor Spectrum), and the Flash (The Whizzer), the Squadron Sinister gave Marvel zombies a quick peak at what a battle between the two flagship properties might look like. In subsequent appearances, it was explained that, in addition to the Squadron Sinister the Avengers had fought, there was a legitimate superhero team on an alternate Marvel Earth called the Squadron Supreme.

Confusing, I know.

Years later, Mark Gruenwald brought the Squadron Supreme to the forefront with a must-read twelve issue limited series that saw these Justice League copies decide that they had both the power and responsibility to create a utopia on their world. As one would expect, creating a perfect world is more complicated than anticipated and disaster ensues. The series came at a time where comics were telling more “grim and gritty” adult stories, as evidenced by the adult themes and high body count.


Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme is excellent. That’s why I’d like to see it make the leap to the silver screen.

Marvel characters have dominated the recent golden age of superhero films, and what better way to further stick it to DC then to beat them with their own characters. Before you write it off as an impossibility, think back to your feelings towards Guardians of the Galaxy three years ago. A screen filled with Hyperion, Power Princess, Nighthawk, and Doctor Spectrum would play well with a general public who wouldn’t be familiar enough with the DC counterparts to realize they’re not the same characters they’re already familiar with. Imagine an Avengers 3 that pits the Avengers versus a Squadron Supreme intent on world domination. Now wipe the drool away from your mouth.

Kevin Feige, if you’re reading this, and I know you are, let me give you your first piece of advice on the road to a box office smash hit Squadron Supreme movie: cast Peter Dinklage as Tom Thumb. Everyone loves that guy. Make it so. Please.



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  1. MichaelShawn says:

    God, how I wish this would happen. It has so much potential. Better yet, even, than a movie would be a mini-series on Netflix or some such similar venue. There is so much story here, and so many characters, that a 10-part series would truly do it justice. I’m honestly surprised that Marvel have not already jumped on this property. I think it would be wildly successful.

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