Super-Fly Podcast Episode 135


This week, First Aid Comics‘ own Kenny Taylor sits in with the gang and talk comic movie announcements, Rob Liefeld writes an Image: The Early Days script and casts awesomeness, the mystery that is the Dr. Strange and Ant Man movie and more talk about grills and Homeboys From Outer Space than any other podcast. It’s true.

The Super-Fly Podcast: Image Comics could have been Death Row Comics if Rob Liefeld meet Suge Knight instead of Easy E.

Opening music: Childish Gambino – “Backpackers”

Closing music: Monster Island Czars – “Make It Squash”

Note: This and every PoP!-Cast is earmarked by iTunes as “explicit” and is intended for mature audiences. The rest of Panels on Pages is reasonably safe for all-ages.


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