Rust: Secret of the Cell


Story: Royden Lepp


Art: Royden Lepp


Publisher: Archaia Entertainment


Roman, Jett, and Oz are back in Royden Lepp’s Rust: Secret of the Cell. This second volume of the series jumps in right where volume one, Rust: Visitor in the Field, leaves off. Lepp continues his fantastic storytelling style with his art doing a lot of the talking. In volume two, many questions that lingered from the first book are answered and Lepp does a fantastic job of posing new questions to the readers engaged through this book and the books to come.

Reminiscent of volume one, Secret of the Cell has many silent panels that requires the art to convey the story and Lepp’s art is more than up to the task. The silent panels give us a glimpse into who Jett is and some of the things that went on during the war. By having panels not including any dialogue the reader is left to interpret what’s going on and come up with theories as to what is going on in the war. All of this gives the Rust series an added level of intrigue and excitement.

At the end of volume one, we meet Jesse and learn more about her and her relationship with Roman. Both characters seem to yearn for something bigger than a small town prairie land can offer but are stuck there out of a sense of duty and family. Jesse’s and Roman’s relationship is one that has deep roots and a history that is slowly coming to light. There is a hint of romance between the two which helps bring out the characters some more and gives the story a pleasant added dimension.

Oswald has learned something about the mysterious Jett and we are given more insight into Jett’s history in Secret of the Cell. Oswald’s demeanor toward Jett is drastically altered due to his recent discovery. This may lead to more reader speculation as to what might have gone on during the war and that just serves to enhance the reading experience and build anticipation for the stories to come.

Royden Lepp’s writing and art style are very unique and his brand of storytelling is what keeps you coming back. As soon as you put down Visitor in the Field you’ll want to rush and get Secret of the Cell. Lepp gives the readers enough and yet keeps you wanting more. The first book draws you in and once you put the second book down you are completely invested in the world of Rust. This is a story for everyone and is something that everyone should have on their bookshelf.

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