Trailer: ‘Man of Steel’

Rolling out with prints of The Hobbit this weekend comes the second trailer from Zack Snyder‘s forthcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel.  Will we see Kal-El doing less fishing than he was in the previous teaser trailer released this past summer?  Well…see for yourself.

And if he’s NOT doing less fishing…chill with the Deadliest Catch jokes, y’know?  A guy died.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, and Laurence Fishburne, and flies into theaters on June 14th, 2013.



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  1. Jason Knize says:

    I think it looks cool…but if they're not careful…it could turn into Ang Lee's Hulk. He doesn't have to be so damn sad….

  2. Arsenal says:

    It looks good, but a bit of a downer. There is something wrong with a Superman that isn’t for the most part happy.

  3. D-Rock says:

    Most of the scenes we saw were of self-discovery, which for a total outsider probably aren’t happy moments. Once he establishes his place and becomes that beacon of hope, we’ll probably see that smiling farm boy

    • John-Michael (Batman25JM) says:

      I actually hope that it’s super depressing and that at one point he tries to slit his wrists with some kryptonite. 🙂

  4. Denim says:

    There is not a single second of this trailer that I did not like. I trust in Snyder, he has not let me down yet.

  5. I can't believe it, but this actually has me really excited for the film. It looks like "What if we took all the good parts from ten seasons of Smallville, made a movie, then shot an hour's worth of great effects sequences to make up the difference"

    • Like, I LOVE the whole "Who am I and what is my place in this world angle" but Smallville dragged it out for too damn long. Over the course of two hours, it could really work.

    • Peter Spiegelberg says:

      …i really hope that the origin part is only like half an hour…once he is in the suit, give him some questions about where he belongs, but seriously, we all know he will become Superman. don't make us wait until the last 30 minutes of the movie for that.

  6. I'm definitely excited. The action looks like it'll be great.

    • Andrew Leamon says:

      You just made my week.

    • If that made your week then that makes me sad. 🙂

    • Andrew Leamon says:

      I don't care what you or anyone else says for the matter. This movie WILL BE the greatest superhero movie of all time… Superman II was my favorite, but this will easily top it. Also, did anyone else notice how close Cavill's voice was to Reeve's? It's a subtle, yet wonderful detail.

    • Andrew Leamon says:

      I haven't had a good week so yes, this made my week.

    • Well, I'm sorry that it's been a less than stellar week, and I'm happy that I could bring you some joy. 🙂

    • While I'm excited for the movie, I can by no mean say that it'll be the greatest superhero movie of all time. We've seen like a total of 4 minutes of footage maximum, and there's still so much we don't know about the movie. As good as this might be I don't see it topping certain superhero movies in my book.

    • Andrew Leamon says:

      Well, Joss Whedon did pay you a lot of money to say that, but we all know this WILL BE. I'm just waiting for the post-credit scene and afterward so I can clap and cheer and continue to remind you how much better this is than the Avengers. I might be the only person in the world who didn't love it, but I am confident that I will love this movie. There is nothing I could hate in this video. Action, Lois, great acting, ma and pa kent, more depth in the early years, a fantastic villain, a "kryptonian warship"? If that's not perfect then I don't know what is. This movie just needs Jimmy Olson in a dress and we will have the greatest film adaptation of anything ever.

    • Andrew Leamon says:

      That was an All-Star Superman reference at the end there in case you didn't catch it, John-Michael.

    • Oh, I was well aware of to what you were referring. I've seen the movie and heard about the book enough to know a bit about it.

  7. Wade Wade says:

    I liked it. Looks like it will be pretty good.

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