Trailer: ‘Jango Unchained’

Following the announcement of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, speculation ran rampant as to whom would be in the director’s chair for the newly-proposed Episodes VII, VIII, and IX of the STAR WARS franchise.

PoP!-Top 6-Pack: Director Suggestions for STAR WARS VII

Many fans looked to cult-favorite and legitimate-nerd Quentin Tarantino to direct one of the new installments, but Tarantino, helmer of this Christmas’ Django Unchained, declined any involvement.  Or so we thought. has the exclusive, never-before-seen teaser trailer of what would have been Quentin Tarantino’s contribution to the STAR WARS canon, featuring Daniel Logan, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and starring Temuera Morrison as everyone’s favorite bounty-hunting-single dad.

For your viewing pleasure, Jango Unchained.

*This is a work of parody. All copyrighted material is property of their respective owners.  All rights reserved.

–The 11th Hour


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  1. Tito Cruz says:


  2. Tamara Chapman says:


  3. It takes a lot to make me actively want to watch Attack of the Clones, but this did it.

  4. anus says:

    Its spellt Django. The D is silent.

  5. anus says:

    Wait, nevermind. I’m an idiot.

  6. Fantastic work, gentlemen.

  7. Ben Gilbert says:

    Now I know why you voluntarily rewatched Attack of the Clones. Nice touch with "This Life Day." Well done!

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