Review: Harvest #4

Written by A.J. Lieberman
Art by Colin Lorimer
Published by Image/Shadowline

Harvest might be the single darkest concept for a comic book I’ve ever seen. As the story gears up for its final issue next month, it’s showing on sign of slowing down. Disgraced surgeon Benjamin Dane killed a patient in the ER thank to a little help from his trusty nurse, Jack Daniels. Shortly after he hit his rock bottom, he was approached by a Yakuza boss to save his daughter. Once that unpleasantness was done, he was drafted into an underground organ-stealing ring. Rich executives will pay a lot of money to make sure that their illness isn’t made public, you see, especially before a big deal.

Obviously, the black market organ transplant business is some shady sh-t. It got worse for the not-so-good doctor once he found out that not only were the donors not exactly willing, but his employers were farming every possible organ they could take from them before getting rid of the bodies.

Issue 4 finds Dane on the run with the Yakuza boss’s daughter assigned to protect him as he tries to do something to make it right. With the FBI and the people behind the organ farming operation on his heels, he’s taking back the organs from the rich clients and giving them to the poor people on the waiting list. He’s like Robin Hood, but an alcoholic. And instead of money, he’s giving away kidneys. And instead of a band of merry men, he’s running around with a scary Asian chick… Come to think of it, he’s not like Robin Hood at all.

Harvest is practically perfect in the same way Saga is. It is exactly what it needs to be. Everything down to the color palette fits the tone of the story perfectly. Colin Lorimer renders these derelict operating rooms with an accuracy that’s a little unnerving. I’m at a complete loss as to how this story is going to end. Given this issue’s cliffhanger, it looks doubtful that everyone’s making it out in one piece (or at least with all of their original pieces). This is the first work I’ve ever read from Liebermen and Lorimer, but I’m going to make sure I catch their next projects.

Harvest is the best kind of thriller because it’s completely believable. This could be happening right now, and that adds a level of discomfort to the story. I give Harvest #4 a perfect 5 out of 5 hallucinations wearing a cape. It’s an uncommon comic in all the right ways.


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