Review: Where’s My Shoggoth?


Where’s my Shoggoth?

Writer: Ian Thomas

Illustrations: Adam Bolton

Published: Archaia Entertainment 


When thinking of a subject for an all age’s book not many people would have the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft very high on their list. The road most traveled is one filled with bright colors, fluffy animals and not shape shifting monsters created by a horror author. One of Archaia Entertainment new books, Where’s My Soggoth?, takes the unconventional road and makes one Lovecraft monster a child’s pet.

Writer Ian Thomas and artist Adam Bolton bring us in to a world where Dr. Seuss and Lovecraft collide. We witness this world through the eyes of a young boy who is wandering around in search of his lost pet. Simple enough but his pet just happens to be a rather large monster with tentacles and many eyes.

The young boy’s travels lead him to encounter other strange monsters only to be disappointed that they are not his Shoggoth. He comes across Byakhee, the insect like Shaggai, and the great Cthulhu. Throughout the book Thomas puts together a great rhyme that does a fantastic job of describing the creature. The rhythmic cadence serves as bridge that leads you from story to story and also tones down how scary some of the monsters are.

The art provided by Adam Bolton is enough of a reason to buy the book. His art provides a great balance to Thomas’ lighthearted story. Bolton’s illustrations are dark, elaborate, and striking. Each drawing conveys the monster beautifully and with great detail. The illustrations tell the tale of each Lovecraft creature and its environment while still depicting that the boy in the story isn’t in any danger. This delicate balance between a children’s story and monster story is what makes it an enjoyable book for kids and adults.

Where’s My Shoggoth? would fit nicely on anyone’s bookshelf. In true Archaia fashion the aesthetics of this book just adds to its overall quality. Adults can enjoy the wonderful art and see Lovecraft’s creatures interpreted in a new way and kids will enjoy the tale of a young boy journey in search of his missing pet. With Halloween just around the corner this book would serve as a great treat to trick-or-treaters of all ages.






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