“Z”, The Kickstarter

We don’t usually promote Kickstarters, but when April 2010 Fangirl of the Month WITA contacted me with information on “Z”, a video game-trading card game hybrid from Downward Viral filled with zombies and deliciously gory photography, I knew that I had to share it.

Interested? Here’s the condensed info from the Z Kickstarter page:

Z. is a zombies-versus-survivors downloadable trading card game best described as “Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead” (and Left 4 Dead, and Dawn of the Dead, and Highschool of the Dead, and pretty much anything with “Dead” in the title). Are you a zombie, or are you a survivor? Choose your side!

  • Cross-platform play for iOS, PC, Android, Mac, Facebook, and Linux
  • Single-player episodic story mode w/ live-action cutscenes!*
  • Single or cooperative “RPG” mode with random loot, XP, and more!
  • Turn-based multiplayer duels — take your turn whenever you want!
  • Auto-sort your library: instantly create custom decks to fit your playstyle!
  • Intelligent matchmaking — play against people with the same power decks
  • Killstreaks, traps, and equipment sets bring elements of your favorite games to the trading card genre
  • Unlock new cards naturally through gameplay!

For the old-school tabletop gamer, we haven’t left you out! The Kickstarter-exclusive physical edition of Z. contains the following:

  • A signed and numbered Deluxe Boxed Set
  • Six different themed decks (three zombie, three survivor)
  • Over 350+ cards!
  • All physical editions are made equal, no booster packs or random distribution

We’re not asking for your money and then running off to make our game in the corner somewhere. Z. is meant to be a community project — we’ll be talking to you every day, asking and listening to what you like or don’t like, going out to local comic shops and events like PAX and Comic-Con to play the game with you and get your feedback, and much more.

Downward Viral will always remain independent, no matter how many personal heirlooms or comic collections or vats of plasma we have to sell to do it, or how many hours we have to work an extra job on the weekend to pay the licensing fees for our engine. We’ll do whatever it takes. And that independence will result in better games and the creative freedom to work directly with our fans and supporters like you. We want to have full transparency about what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it, and that’s just one thing among many that you’ll never get once a publisher is involved.

There’s a ton more information on the Kickstarter page. $15 gets you access to the game, exclusive Kickstarter-only cards, and access to the making-of blog, with increasing rewards at higher levels. Funding ends on Saturday, July 14, at 6:00 PM EDT.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks, Mary! We can do this! Let’s get Z. funded and make this Saturday my most awesome birthday ever. 🙂

    Stephanie (WITA)
    Community Manager for Z.

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