PoP! Top 6-Pack: Webseries Worth Watching

The PoP! Stars narrow it down to the cream of the crop in categories ranging from (but not limited to) Comics, Movies, Toys and Geek Culture in general. This is thePoP! Top 6-Pack.

There’s no doubt that serious storytellers are moving to YouTube and other online video sites to create new shows, not only for testing, but as a permanent platform. It recently caught my eye that filmmakers Jon Avnet (Black Swan, Fried Green Tomatoes, Risky Business) and Rodrigo Garcia (Albert Nobbs, In Treatment, Mother and Child) started a new YouTube channel called WIGS (worst name ever) that offers television-quality female-led dramas. I’m not one for Lifetime-esque programming, and haven’t been able to bring myself to watch any WIGS programs, but I do have some favorite webseries that I’ve been watching lately.


6. Dr. Mario (http://www.youtube.com/TheGameStation)

A new series from The Game Station, Dr. Mario is the video game version of Dr. House — a pill-popping doctor with an anti-authority attitude, hiding a deep dark secret. There’s suspense, romance, and enough goofy references to keep everybody happy. It’s a scrappy little series and nobody can act worth a damn, but that just makes it all the more charming. Dr. Mario is currently up to episode four, with new videos being released weekly.


5. Minecraft — Shadow of Israphel (youtube.com/bluexephos)

This 82-episode (and counting) series began as an innocent Minecraft tutorial that spiraled out of control as rogue NPCs took over the game, sending Simon and Lewis on a wild quest to capture the elusive Israphel. It’s so expertly done that it’s hard to believe the whole thing was scripted from the start. You’ll get attached to the cast of characters, especially the random Old Peculiar and sassy old Granny Bacon. If you want to jump right in, skip the earlier Minecraft videos and Survivor Island and start with the Shadow of Israphel series.


4. SciShow (youtube.com/scishow)

For Bill Nye The Science Guy fans, SciShow is the next generation of science programming. With bite-size shows ranging from about 3 to 9 minutes long, the Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green tackles subjects from Schrodinger’s cat to how THC works. The universe has no edge!


3. Fresh Hell (http://freshhellseries.com/)

Fresh Hell is an experimental series co-created and starring Brent Spiner. Embroiled in a scandal known only as “The Incident”, Spiner now has to resurrect his acting career, encountering strange characters and situations along the way, like porn star/wannabe actress/next-door neighbor Dakota and sleezy agent Tommy. My favorite moment? Spiner reciting Shakespeare while dressed as Spock.


2. Malice: The Webseries (blip.tv/malice)

Malice is a series very, very loosely tied to the mythos of Alice In Wonderland. A supernatural thriller, Alice’s family begins disappearing shortly after moving into a creepy old house. It’s up to Alice to untangle the mysteries of her late grandmother’s house and save her family. This series features nearly television-level quality in its storytelling and production values, however, funding for the independent project has stalled and episode seven hangs in the balance.


1. The Guild (http://www.watchtheguild.com/)

The Guild is the OG series that really brought internet programming into its own. Now in its fifth season, The Guild has jumped across multiple platforms, from Xbox Live to YouTube, finally coming to rest on the Geek and Sundry channel and on its own site, watchtheguild.com.


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