Riddle Me This! What If Gizmo Became a Gremlin?

Who’d win in a fight between Superman and Spawn? How the f*ck old is Cable? And what in the holy hell is a Megatron? When the tough questions arise, Panels on Pages will gather the facts, but it’s up to the PoP!ulation to draw its own conclusions. So come on… Riddle Me This!

Gizmo, pre-Gremlinization.

Okay, we all know the three invariably broken rules when it comes to Mogwai:

1) Never expose them to bright lights.

2) Never get them wet.

3) Never feed them after midnight.

For a successful Gremlins film, all three have to be thrown right out the window. But over the years there’s been another question that’s been nagging me:

4) Are all Mogwai except Gizmo inherently assholes?

While casual viewers might say that Mogwai are all adorable until they eat after midnight and become Gremlins, more observant watchers will note that Gizmo is the only Mogwai we see who’s not a little shit from the beginning. The other Mogwai that spawn from him are bitches right from the start, well before they turn into Gremlins. Is this a species trait? Are peaceful Mogwai like Gizmo an aberration? That leads me to my next question. If Gizmo himself turned into a Gremlin, would he retain his benevolent personality, or succumb to the general Gremlin anarchy? A Gremlin on the side of good battling his own brethren would be quite a sight to see. Furthermore, once he made the transformation from Mogwai to Gremlin, would it be possible for him to change back? As far as I can remember, there’s nothing said in the previous films that rules this out as an impossibility. Maybe if you feed a Gremlin after midnight it reverts back into it’s Mogwai form. There are questions that need to be answered, people!

What I’m saying is, Warner Brothers I’m available to write Gremlins 3. Heck, I’ll even subvert my principles and write Gremlins 3D so you can cash in on the current fad. Basically, whatever lets me meet and hang with Phoebe Cates and/or John Glover.


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  1. D-Rock says:

    Ahh Phoebe Cates.. I’ll be in my bunk

  2. Jason Knize says:

    I think a Gremlin’d Gizmo would definitely fight on the side of good, not evil. It would be super cool if he became like a Hulk Gremlin, squashing his less civil brethren into green goo.

  3. This movie could simply be called “Gremlin,” too.

  4. I want gizmo turn into a hulk gremlin to whoop the bad gremlins Ass so that gizmo will change back from a gremlins to a mogwai

  5. Aaron says:

    I definitely see Gizmo turning into a “Hulk Gremlin” type, getting a slight bigger then the others and have a Stallone like Rambo/gremlins 2 attitude lol
    Although, I can also see him going the other way and remaing on the smaller side. He would just be a Mogwai without hair, and grow a tiny bit taller, BUT he will be more agile, rapid, and super fast! Much quicker than the other Gremlins like a little jet li, Jackie chan, or bruce lee type!

  6. Seth Vargas says:

    I’d actually love to see Gizmo turn evil. After the events of New York city, there could be a nationwide hunt for Gremlins. The government could create a special organization who’s sole purpose is to hunt down and terminate all Mogwai. Gizmo, being the last one, could be on the run with Billy and Kate. They could then head back to the wreckage of The Old Chinese Man’s shop to see if they could find any information about mogwai that would convince the government to let Gizmo live. They could find out that Gizmo is a special Mogwai who can control his Gremlin form if he eats after midnight. Shortly after, Kate could notice a red dot trailing up Billy’s body and dive in front of him, taking the bullet and saving his life. Gizmo and Billy would escape again to a secluded area. Wrought with grief and realizing that the government has no interest in talking, Billy and Gizmo would decide to take the fight to them. Seeing as they would surely die on their own, Gizmo would voluntarily become a Gremlin and multiply. He would create an Army and become a leader among his people. After a while, Gizmo would find out that it is getting more and more difficult to control his mischievous tendencies. Eventually he would lose himself to his darker side and lead an all out assault to cause as much destruction as possible. Billy, realizing his friend is gone, can escape and surrender himself to the government, telling them all of the Gremlins’ weaknesses. Billy will eventually accompany a team to lure the Gremlins into an area and destroy them, like the first film. But Gizmo, being smarter than all the other Gremlins, escapes the trap just in time. He then picks off the team one by one until only Billy is left. Billy now has to kill his once closest friend in order to completely stop the Gremlin menace.

  7. Tomas says:

    Gizmo would have been good, as Mogwai seem to retain their personalities when turning into Gremlins.

    An early draft for the 2nd movie actually had Lenny switch sides and protect Gizmo by throwing two other gremlins into an oven. The scene was removed because it was deemed too dark but it supports the theory that Gremlins don’t have to be evil.

    In the actual movie, the most evil thing Lenny ever does is throw some pots at a cooking show host and put metal in the microwave, causing it to blow up.

    It’s mentioned in the novelization that Gremlins that Gizmo is an “eternal”, a good Mogwai that only appears every thousand years or so.

    It’s possible that Lenny could have been one of these too.
    Earl as well, if he hadn’t been tortured by Billy’s teacher.
    (Hell, maybe even Daffy if he wasn’t so insane)

  8. Garwen says:

    I’m super late to come across this thread. I have been asking about a 3rd gremlins movie for years. I even wrote up a rough draft back in 2000, In which gizmo is still living with Billy and his wife and son. All is going well but even though Billy and his family know about the rules and they keep gizmo away from strangers. One day the son who is at a tender age were he wants to impress friends and girls decides to show gizmo. We’ll I was stuck on the next part either 1 Billy Jr friend mess around and the inevitable water on the mogwai happens or he try’s to impress a girl who wants one of her own, so he take a little water and makes one for her from gizmo. She messes up and feeds it after midnight. I gets big makes more and then decide to force gizmo to eat after midnight thinking he will then turn evil like them. Instead gizmo has a furry cocoon and when he emerges in his new state he’s still the same color pattern fur, but he’s bigger and buff and has same body style with short legs and long arms but his a more muscular like gorilla arms. He is still good but not so sweet now he takes to ass kicking instead of being picked on. I drew up a sketch back then to on how he would look. I still wish they would do a 3rd movie even if it’s not my idea.

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