C2E2 ’12 Video: Shia LaBeouf & ‘The Campaign Book’

Sure, it’s certainly not out of the ordinary to stumble upon your favorite comic creators or celebrities at a convention such as the awesome C2E2, which ran for its third year the weekend of April 13th-15th.  However, convention guests usually arrive with some semblance of pomp and circumstance….or at the very least, a listing in the program guide.

This year’s C2E2, however, had a very special guest on Friday of the show, in the form of one Shia LaBeouf (yes, the same Shia LaBeouf).  LaBeouf forewent the traditional signings at one of the big publisher booths, and didn’t appear in a panel at the IGN Theater, instead, he camped out in the heart of C2E2, Artist Alley, to generate buzz for his self-published work with The Campaign Book.

PanelsOnPages.com was on-hand for a quick video interview with Shia LaBeouf regarding his comic work and his impressions of the third annual C2E2!

Music by jfx316.  Visit jfx316.bandcamp.com for more!

Stay tuned for more of Shia LaBeouf on PoP!, as we review his work on Stale ‘N’ Mate, Let’s F—ing Party and Cyclical in the coming week!

Also, stay clicked on PoP! for more of our C2E2 2012 Video Coverage!

–The 11th Hour



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  1. ZombieNightingale says:

    I love how he’s just in the middle of artist alley and no one is going insane or anything. In fact I don’t even think the guy that passed him that he said hi to even recognized him. LOL

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