Sketch Up! – February 2012

One of my favorite convention activities is to get sketches from my favorite artists and to look at sketchbooks of other sketch collectors. That love of sketches has led to Sketch Up! This is a new feature here where we will be highlighting the art collections of fans. Some of the collections will have themes to them and others will be random collections.

For our introduction to LineWork we have the sketch collection of Jason Palmer. He is an unabashed fan of Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Jason has taken his love for one of Marvels biggest bad asses and made him the focus of his collection. Jason is also an art rep who sells the work of various artists including Joe Eisma (Morning Glories), Brent Peeples (Last of the Greats), and Rahsan Ekedal (Echoes).  Jason tells us about a few of his favorite pieces and some stories behind others.


Tim Sale –  2007 Emerald City Comic Con. This is the piece I woke up at 6am and was FIRST in line for. It was also the first convention in which Tim used his Fast Pass method.  Well worth the limited sleep I received! – Jason Palmer

JG Jones – 2006 Emerald City Comic Con.  This was my favorite piece for years. I was in Adam Hughes’s line waiting to get on his list. JG was seated next to him with no person in his line. I said screw it and got in JG’s line. We talked for a few mins and I asked him if he had ever done the punisher, he replied no. I asked him if he wanted to and he said “is he the guy with the guns?”  I said yes and he thought about it for a minute and then said, “yeah I got an idea for it.” – Jason Palmer


Rebekah Issacs


Rahsan Ekedal – Commission 2009 – I read Rahsan’s book the Cleaners and knew I wanted a commission from him.  We emailed back and forth and after I received the piece we kept talking.  A few months later I was working for him by becoming his art rep.  We’ve been working together now for 3 yrs and the friendship was have is great.  Pretty amazing how one piece of art created a friendship and small business!! – Jason Palmer

Moritat – Emerald City Comic Con 2009 – Moritat sketches for free at every convention.  I didn’t know that when I first contacted him about a commission.  He delivered this amazing watercolor piece and would not accept any money.  He mentioned to another creator that he needed a coffee and I offered to buy it.  I left the convention, ran 2 blocks to buy him a coffee as a way to say thanks! – Jason Palmer


Khoi Pham


Juan Jose Ryp – Commission – I had seen Ryp’s art in Avatar books for years and fell in love his uber detailed style.  For years I tried contacting him, even asked Avatar for his email but with no luck.  Then one day a google alert told me he had started a blog.  I contacted him straightaway about a commission.  He was very thankful and humbled by my desire for a commission as he had never done a commission for someone in the US or even been to the US.  He said “In the first time, I want to say you that my English is very bad, excuse me if is difficult to understand me. Ok? Commissions: Well, I am not accepting many commissions, hardly one or two in a month, and I never made something for USA, only for Europe.” How can you not like a guy like that!! – Jason Palmer

Dave Wachter – Commission 2005 – This is one of my most beloved pieces and my very first Punisher commission, this is the commission that started my Punisher collection. Over the years Dave and I became friends and he grew as an artist.  On my last count, I had purchased 13 pieces from him as I love supporting him. – Jason Palmer


Freddie Williams II


Francis Manapul – Jet City Comic Con 2010 in Seattle – Francis was a class act and stood all day long sketching for people as they waited.  I was lucky enough to be second in his line and he talked me into getting water colors opposed to just black and white.  He drew a slick piece!! – Jason Palmer

Chris Samnee – Jet City Comic Con 2010 in Seattle.  This was a very small show but I scored two amazing pieces.  Funny story behind this one is Chris was too attend Emerald City 6 months earlier but couldn’t make it.  So when they announced this small little show, I contacted the organizer and told him to guilt Chris into coming since he missed Emerald City.  By doing so, it allowed me to get this sketch.  Chris has such an amazing style with inks! – Jason Palmer


Thank you Jason for sharing your collection with us. If you want to see more of Jason’s collection you can visit his Comic Art Fans page. You can also buy original art from Jason at The Interior Pages.

If you would like to see your collection featured on Sketch Up! send me an email at



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  1. Junkle says:

    I’m really gonna dig this feature. That Manapul is beautiful.

  2. E.P McFarlin says:

    Anyone know of a list of artist who sketch for free?

    • Tito Cruz says:

      Every artist is different. Not many will go into the level of detail you see above for free. Usually when artist do con signings at the DC or Marvel booths they will do quick sketches for free.

      Some artist will do free sketches when they do store signings as well.

    • Joshua says:

      Such a list does not exist, as the price depends on the context. For example: if it’s in artist alley it will almost certainly not be free. If you do find someone who sketches for free in AA, it will be a very quick sketch, not a full commission, but keep in mind these are the very rare exception, not the rule. At conventions where publishers set-up booths often times they will have scheduled signings for their talent and it is sometimes possible to get sketches, but again they will be very quick and you won’t get any of the detail like you see in the Punisher pieces aboves.

  3. potatojoe says:

    Loving this new feature. I hope we see yours here soon Tito!

  4. Kupocat says:

    Love this feature! I can’t wait to see more. 🙂 I especially love the stories behind the sketches.

  5. Spazzy says:

    This is amazing!

  6. Ben Gilbert says:

    GREAT idea for a feature.

  7. GigaToast says:

    I’m loving this feature Tito! Can’t wait to see the next one!

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