52 Pick-Up, Lady’s Choice: Week 3 – Echo

In this week’s installment of 52 Pick-Up, Lady’s Choice, I’m taking a look at a book that I have been recommended many, many times. I’m very lucky to have friends who know what I like, because Echo has me hooked. While I only picked up volume 1 to review, I will be picking up the rest in the near future.

Echo, vol. 1 – Moon Lake

Written and drawn by Terry Moore
Published by Abstract Studio

The main character, Julie, is already at a low point in her life. She’s a photographer and she currently has no work and no money. Her husband is divorcing her. A personal tragedy a few years prior had also changed Julie, however, we don’t yet know what that tragedy may have been.

Echo starts with Julie at Moon Lake taking photographs for her portfolio. She hears a large explosion in the air above her, and metal rain falls down on her, sticking to her skin. Through a series of events the dots manifest themselves as a metallic chestplate, leaving Julie changed and confused. Furthermore, the metal covering her skin seems to have special powers.

You really feel for Julie, whose life is falling apart and now she has another obstacle to overcome. Furthermore, she’s now on the run for her life, as the creators of the metal rain are now coming after her. She’s such a real person, and she is an incredibly sympathetic character as the unwitting victim.

The story is very well told. Echo is not only about Julie, but about Dillon and his girlfriend Annie, the company looking for Julie and an unidentified man, and Julie’s sister Pam and her mysterious knowledge of Julie’s accident. This book intertwines their stories in a way that enhances Julie’s story and makes you sympathetic to all of their problems.

The artwork is in black and white, and I’m notoriously harsh on black and white comic books. However, I really love the artwork in this book. It is very carefully drawn, as the artwork can’t rely on coloring as a crutch. The crosshatching is perfect, and the large, full-page pictures are incredibly intricately detailed.

As I said at the top of this article, I’m definitely going to keep reading the Echo series, and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a comic book with a real girl-next-door main character.


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  1. peg leg pete says:

    my wife is a big fan of this series. in fact we’re going to try to pick up the last trade this weekend.

  2. Ben Gilbert says:

    I read the first trade and really enjoyed it. I need to catch up on the rest of the series. If you liked this, Mary, you should definitely check out Moore’s older series Strangers In Paradise.

    Also, on the more mainstream front, you should definitely cover Bendis and Maleev’s seven-issue Spider-Woman series from 2009-2010. Great stuff!

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