52 Pick-Up, Lady’s Choice: Week 1

Welcome to the 2012 version of 52 Pick-Up! This year, I’m going to be doing something a bit different with a weekly look at female-led comics. That’s right, each week I’ll be picking up a female-led comic book that I’ve never read before. Some of them may be a new series, as is the case with this week’s book, Me2. Others will be older books; ones recommended to me by longtime fans, or trades that I’ve been meaning to pick up.

My goal with this year’s 52 Pick-Up: Lady’s Choice is to expand my horizons, and to find some new favorite books with awesome leading ladies. I might have to look in some unexpected places, but I know that they’re out there.

Do you have a recommendation for a book to be featured? Send your suggestions to mstaggs@panelsonpages.com.

Me2 #1

Story and art by Karl Altstaetter
Colors by Eve and Karl Altstaetter
Published by MTV Comics

This book appealed to me for two reasons. First, I was intrigued by the fact that the book is published by MTV Comics. I didn’t know that MTV had a comic book division, and I was interested in seeing just how well the company would do with the comic book format. Second, this was the first book I downloaded from the Comixology app on my Kindle Fire after browsing the new releases.

The book centers on Crystal Carter, a young woman who hears voices and suffers from demonic possession. It begins with her at the age of six, having heard the voices for the first time as the result of a horrific truck crash.

We find her nine years later, in the present time, the patient of a psychiatric ward. As she negotiates her release, we see what landed her in the hospital: a year-long possession and killing spree at the age of nine or ten. We only get a glimpse, and the details are sure to follow in a future issue.

Me2 has the potential to be an interesting series. It has a great concept and has flashes of inspiration. The opening truck crash and the flashback to Crystal’s possession and capture are stunning, both in the artwork and execution. However, the scenes in the present day are quite dull by comparison. The mood is also brought down my fifteen-year-old Crystal’s sullen attitude. The final few pages of Crystal and her grandmother come across as pure exposition, wordy and seemingly unnecessary. Do we really need to be told that Crystal’s dead parents loved her? Or told again how much she misses them? It brought down the end of the book and left me feeling unsatisfied and not as excited for the next issue.

It’s interesting that the book is written and drawn by the same person, because those last few pages don’t look very good either. That’s a surprise, since the artwork in other parts of the book is absolutely gorgeous. A lot of this can be attributed to the coloring, which tends to stay in the realm of teal, purple, and fuchsia. The book has a very “MTV” feel to it with its sophisticated use of color (not to mention its very emo leading character). I must also mention that the artwork and color in this book is perfectly suited to the ebook format. It looks amazing on the screen.

While I’m not completely sold on the concept of MTV publishing comic books, I think I’m going to give this series a few more issues to win me over. I really want to see what the extent of Crystal’s powers are, and what moves she’s going to make next. While it’s obviously meant to appeal to teenage girls, it was a fun read. I recommend this book to ladies who want to get in touch with their teenage side, or are still teenagers themselves.

*Paige O’Panel artwork by Ariel Obtinalla: http://gemwolf.deviantart.com/


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