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On this week’s episode of The PrincessCast, we catch up on the past two weeks of our lives, including: France doesn’t believe in Halloween, PoP!toberfest, and weddings galore. Star Tours was revamped at Disney Hollywood Studios, and it is awesome! Happy V for Vendetta Day!

More on Arkham City and the post-game dilemma. We catch up on The Walking Dead and talk a bit about the near future of the series. (Minor spoilers for people who haven’t read the books.)

One of the Princesses has read Twilight, and who it is might shock you. Robert Pattinson is an enigma. Justin Bieber’s love child. Plastic surgery to look like your favorite superhero: too far or just an extension of fandom?

We also have comic talk this week: Wonder Woman #2, Detective Comics #2,and Catwoman #2.

This week’s opener is They’re Made Out of Meat from NPR’s Studio 360. The closing song is “When You’re Evil” by Voltaire.

Note: This and every PoP!-Cast Network show is earmarked by iTunes as “explicit” and is intended for mature audiences. The rest of Panels on Pages is reasonably safe for all-ages.

PrincessCast Episode 63

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