NYCC ’11 Video: Batman: Arkham City Panel!

Surely, you’ve seen the TV commercials.  You’ve heard the buzz.  You’re probably already playing the game.  In the case of some (*cough*Captain Painway*cough) you may have already beaten it.  Rocksteady Games’ Batman: Arkham City is on pace to be the greatest comic book superhero video game of all time, and possibly, the greatest video game of all time, period (suck it, Bonk’s Adventure). Want a little insight into the creation of the 10/10 epic masterpiece, from Rocksteady Games game director Sefton Hill, audio director Nick Arundel, soundtrack artist (and Coheed & Cambria frontman) Claudio Sanchez, and the man, the myth, the voice of the Bat, Kevin Conroy?  PoP!’s got you covered, with our high-definition video coverage of the Batman: Arkham City panel from New York Comic Con 2011!

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–The 11th Hour


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  1. Junkle says:

    Who beat the game the day it came out? This guy.

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