Video: New York Comic Con #OrBust Episode 4

They have braved the journey up the east coast, from Florida through Georgia to the Carolinas, DC, Pennsylvania, and simply walked into Mordor.  The 11th Hour have arrived in New York City, and it’s time to get to brass tacks.

On the Tuesday before the official grand opening of the 2011 New York Comic Con, The 11th Hour and their trusty Sallah, Tito Cruz (aka Teets), get a sneak peek inside the Javits Center as the show floor begins to take shape.  The Tag Champs also get a quick and graphic interview with ReedPOP‘s Lance Fensterman and Mike Armstrong, before heading out on the town to do it up tourist-style in Manhattan.  GET EXCITED, POP!ULATION!  New York Comic Con is almost here!

For more information about New York Comic Con, visit!

–The 11th Hour


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  1. Thundermatts says:

    I love that it still says directed by Julie Taymor. lol. but awesome vid!

  2. Dan Mahoney says:

    4m54s: Awesome.

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