Video: New York Comic Con #OrBust Episode 3

Our heroes The 11th Hour have cracked the World’s Largest Peanut, blew down the Dwarf House, dropped an elbow on Savage Pizza, and invaded Washington DC.

On Day 3, Episode 3 of New York Comic Con #OrBust, Jason Knize (K-Nice if you’re Nasty) and Jose Guzman (Guzman 2011), prepare for the final stretch from New Jersey to the epicenter of civilization, New York City.  Will a faulty GPS slow their roll?  Will New York City traffic prevent them from returning their rental car on time?  Why is everyone in Leonardo, NJ so angry?  Was it Cop Out?

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–The 11th Hour


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Who ARE these people!?

The 11th Hour consists of PoP!-Stars Jason Knize and Jose Guzman, otherwise known as the PoP! Video Ninjas, also known as The 2011 PoP!ples Choice Award Winners for Best PoP! Duo, and the current holders of the PoP! Tag Team Championships. Damn near every video on was shot and edited by The 11th Hour.


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