Figure 8: The Return of Bruce Wayne Wave 1

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The Return of Bruce Wayne

Out of Final Crisis comic fans were treated to a scenario where Bruce Wayne was lost in time and fighting to make his way back to present day.  As Bruce tumbled closer to our time he became different versions of Batman dependent on the time period he was in. While the story may not have been the best, it did lend itself very well to an action figure line that was recently released by DC Direct.

The Figures

The wave has four figures in it. There is Caveman Batman, Wild West Batman, Witch Hunter Batman, and High seas Batman. Each figure corresponds to a time period that Bruce Wayne jumped to in his voyage home. The figures are all in six inch scale. The costumes are sculpted with detail, and each comes with it’s own accessories.  The selection is small, and I wonder why DC Direct only released 4 figures at once, when the mini series the line is based on was only 6 issues. This set of figures is designated as Wave 1, but there are only a few more figures that they could release in a second wave, unless they do some of the very minor characters that were in the mini.

If they go that route besides the remaining two time lost Bruce Wayne figures, to flesh out the line a Vandal Savage, and maybe a Dr. Hurt would be good additions to the line. Another possibility would be the Caveman Robin.

Caveman Batman

The first figure is Caveman Batman. This is the first alternative Batman we are introduced to in the comic.

This is a really well done figure. The traditional Batman cowl is replaced with the hide of a giant cave bat. Most of the accessories are based on the use of the bat hide and it’s bones.

The cape is really a highlight to this figure. While usually an afterthought on most figures, the cape is just such a cool piece. The back of it is sculpted to resemble the real bat. It has the body of the bat sculpted, and it’s arms form pauldrons over the shoulders.

The loin Cloth is also well done, with what looks liek a prehistoric utility belt. There is a non-removable whip on the figure’s hip that is a nice little touch.  Caveman Batman also comes with a hammer and a knife.

Witch Hunter Batman

While in the story Witch Hunter Batman was pretty interesting, the figure is the weakest in the line. The sculpt and the quality of the figure is consistent with the rest of the line, yet the face doesn’t look like Bruce. It doesn’t even look like the ancestor that Bruce is supposed to be.

Where as the other figures in the line come with great accessories, this guy got the short end of the stick. Literally. He comes with a medieval  staff that is in two pieces, that you have to connect in order for the figure to hold it. Having a toddler in the house, one piece of that staff is god only knows where. If the staff were one solid piece I would still be in the same boat, but something about the accessory bothers me. I would rather have had it be one solid piece so it didn’t feel so flimsy and easy to break.

Those gripes aside, it is still a solid figure, as well sculpted as the rest of the line, and detailed. Just wish my concerns were addressed.

Batman of the High Seas

This figure is the highlight of the wave to me. None of the gripes of I had with Witch Hunter Batman are found here. This figure looks like it stepped off the page and is ready to kick butt. There is no dearth of accessories here. This figure comes with a pirate cutlass, a removable gun, and a bat that sits on his shoulder like a parrot.

Whereas the staff in the previous figure was two pieces, the sword here is one piece. It has a small slot at the bottom where the hand guard fits in order to close it around the closed hand of the toy. The gun is cool looking, and shiny. It actually looks like it has a wooden handle. It fits well into the bandolier and fits in the off hand of the figure.

The bat/parrot is a nice little touch. It comes on a small translucent rod that goes on the toy’s shoulder. It adds a fun little piece to figure that could have come off as cheesy, but instead is pretty damn cool especially in display.

Wild West Batman

Batman in the old west is a book I could read monthly. With Jimmy Palmiotti’s upcoming All-Star Western, who knows? We could see an arc or cameo.

While the pirate Batman has a gun, this figure doesn’t. We know that Batman hates guns, and it would be so easy to saddle this figure with one, instead we get an awesome whip accessory. While besides the base, this is the only thing the figure comes with, the figure itself is worth the purchase price. Little details like bat-spurs and a bat clasp for the character’s overcoat are small but important details.

This figure reminds me a lot of Zorro. With the ties that Zorro has to Batman’s origins I shouldn’t be surprised. At the same time I don’t have Batman in Zorro garb, rather than a homage that is still true to being a Batman figure.

The Accessories

While I detailed the accessories in the rundown on each figure, they are still worth mentioning on their own. Besides the dud of the Witch Hunter’s staff, each one adds something more to the figure. They are well done, and as I am an opener, look really good when I put the figures on my shelf. Also as I mentioned above each figure comes with a base to display the figures on also. The only figure I have on it’s base is the Caveman figure, as he’s a little top heavy and can fall over.

Price Point

The figures in this line retail for 15.99.  I got mine for a discount because my LCS guy is awesome. That said, I was completely prepared to pay full retail for these figures. Besides being a huge fan of Batman, I liked the look of these figures when I saw them in Previews many, many, many moons ago.

I wouldn’t have batted and eye paying full price for these guys. They all look great, and minor gripes aside I really like this toy line. With the long wait for the first wave, I hope a 2nd is announced so that I may be able to get it before my son is in middle school.




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