PoP! Fangirl of the Month – August 2011

The PoP! Stars scour all of teh internetz in search of the most Fabulous Females of Fandom. Please keep it in your pants.

If you’re on Twitter and following any member of The PoP!ulation, you more than likely have stumbled upon a retweet or a response to our current reigning PoP! Fangirl of the Month.  Hailing from The Garden State, she’s the enemy of pants everywhere, smash_is_nerdy!

Name: Ashley Neuhaus
Handle: smash_is_nerdy
Birthdate: 2/11/87
Location: New Jersey…don’t judge me by the crappy “reality” shows that take place in my state.
Marital Status: Single…ish.
Occupation: Professional potty trainer by day, The Pantsless Wonder by night.
Hobbies: Writing, reading, photography, drinking, tweeting, sex, epic shenanigans, painting/drawing

Favorite Movies: Iron Man, Batman, The Notebook, Clue, Center Stage, American History X, Grandma’s Boy, Ocean’s 11-13, Requiem for a Dream, Empire Records, Tron: Legacy, Whip It

Favorite TV Shows: Burn Notice, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Dexter, Psych, Happy Endings, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Bang Theory

Favorite Music: I listen to just about anything but some of my faves are Florence + the Machine, Adele, Christina Perri, Kill Hannah, Say Anything, Spill Canvas, Aimee Mann, Incubus, Taking Back Sunday

Haterz gon hate!

Favorite Comics: Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Walking Dead, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, I Kill Giants, Street Angel, Gotham City Sirens, Fallen Angel, Greek Street

Favorite Video Games: I don’t play much anymore, but I like Super Mario Bros, Brutal Legend, Mortal Kombat vs DC, and Manhunt 2.

Favorite Books: Perks of Being a Wallflower, Girl In Need of a Tourniquet, Harry Potter series, Southern Vampire Mysteries series (or the books True Blood is based off), Good Omens, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Turn-Ons: Honesty, acceptance, good hygiene, sense of humor, an open mind, loyalty, good conversation and a big bank account doesn’t hurt.

Turn-Offs: Closed minds, Jersey Shore douchebag wannabes, liars, judgemental assholes.

PoP!:  Alright, Smash.  This is the part of the interview where you give us what you’ve got.  What makes you a Fangirl?

WW Philly 2011 with Jim Calafiore

Ashley: I have an addictive personality so I tend to overdo things.  I am always eager to discover new things and when I do, I allow it to consume me.  Comics and other nerdy things have become such a big part of my life.  And if I didn’t have that, it’d be replaced with something else like shopping or cooking.

PoP!:  How long have you been a Fangirl?

Ashley: Well, I only got into comics and the like about five years ago, and I’ve never looked back.  When I was younger I loved Wonder Woman though.  But I was always the quiet girl, reading and writing.

PoP!:  Do you have a favorite childhood geek-memory?

Ashley: My memory is horrible and I can’t recall any.  But I was published in a teachers’ poetry anthology in 5th grade…that’s kind of geeky, right?

PoP!:  Judges?  Poetry = Totally Geeky.  What toys did you play with as a kid?

Ashley: Barbies, legos, and Power Rangers.  I mostly played sports and was in dance class as a kid.

WW Philly 2011 with THE DEFUSER!

PoP!:  What are your current Fangirl obsessions?

Ashley: So You Think You Can Dance. Which isn’t exactly “nerdy”, but I obsess over that show.  Also, True Blood.  And penguins.  Though, I’m not sure how much of a Fangirl one can be about penguins, but they’re an obsession of mine.  I tend to obsess over things easily, so this answer could change just as much as my underwear, which is often because I have a vast collection of undies.  OOOH! OOOH! TWITTER!!! Total fangirl for Twitter.

PoP!:  What is the most Fangirl-ish thing you’ve ever done?

Ashley: Besides cosplay?  I’m getting a Wonder Woman tattoo designed for me.  And I also named my black lab Harley, who now lives with my ex.

PoP!:  Awwww.  Shout out to Harley!  What has been your biggest Geek-Out Moment?

Ashley: When I got an e-mail notification that Gail Simone was following me on Twitter.  It was like 2 am and I was driving home.  I let out such a big fangirl *squee* that I thought I was going to crash.  I wanted to tell someone because I was so excited, so I texted my friend Diana to tell her, because I knew she’d appreciate and share in my excitement (she’s a fellow fangirl, WHAT’S UP D! <3).

Big Apple Comic-Con 2009 with Linda Hamilton

PoP!:  What is your wildest Fangirl dream?

Ashley: I’m assuming I should keep this PG-13 and not X-rated…my biggest Fangirl dream?  Hmm…that’s tough.  I would really like to be made into a main character of a book.  I’d love to see people walking around with my face on their shirts or dressing up as me at a con.

PoP!:  That’s a pretty good dream.  But as far as keeping it PG-13…you have visited out site before, right?  Kidding.  On a serious note, how do you feel about the current Geek Girl renaissance?

Ashley: I think I came into the “scene” when it was all starting, or maybe I was just a late bloomer and never felt ostricized for my hobbies.  Or maybe I didn’t care that much.  But I think it’s great that it’s becoming “acceptable” for girls to be into geeky things.  But at the same time, it creates a lot of animosity and hostility, like with the whole argument that DC needs to hire more female creators.  I’m just the type of person that doesn’t view gender as a deciding factor in things.  Ultimately, people should just be accepted for their hobbies regardless of gender.  That being said, I do get a lot of crap from my family, and I just laugh, because some of the greatest people I’ve met have been in the geek world.  They’re just jealous that I’m enjoying the hell out of life and am proud to be a geek girl.

PoP!:  Hells yeah.  That’s what we like to hear.  How has being a Fangirl affected other aspects of your life?

Ashley: Well, it’s helped with my self-confidence a bit, in that now I’m okay walking around in spandex and having my picture taken.  It’s also helped bring me out of my shell.  I’m typically shy (even though people close to me say otherwise *cough* Amber *cough*), but the friends I’ve made in geekdom have taught me that I am awesome and it’s okay to be a little “different.”

PoP!:  Where can The PoP!ulation find you on the interwebs?

Ashley: TWITTER! I’m a tweet-aholic.  Follow my pantsless shenanigans there.  I’m @smash_is_nerdy.  Also on the Book of Face (or Facebook).  And on deviantart: smashley211.deviantart.com

Great interview, Smash!  Thanks for taking part in the PoP! Fangirl of the Month interview!  You’re a great addition to The PoP!ulation and our illustrious roster of kick-ass geek girls!



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  1. Gary says:

    Congrats on being FotM! You totally rock!

  2. MDG says:

    Smash is awesome! Congrats babe!

    Celebrating this epic moment by typing this pantsless.

    *pants off*

  3. Bob Hoskins says:

    I think you’ve made a wonderful choice.
    Ashley embodies so many of the characteristics that make one a true fangirl.
    Congratulations Ashley!

  4. Spazzy says:


  5. Amber Love says:

    That’s m’ girl!! W00t! You totally deserve to be FotM. You look amazing in your nerdy tees and costumes.

  6. Junkle says:

    She likes Dexter, Taking Back Sunday, and Brutal Legend. Thank you for introducing me to the girl of my dreams.

  7. Diana says:

    Congrats darling! You’re all kinds of famous now and deserve it!!

    I’m taking you up on that hug, autograph, and smoochie woochie!<3

  8. GigaToast says:

    Congrats Smash!

    • Smash says:

      Mucho gracias!! 😀 I will try to represent hard everywhere I go. Starting with Baltimore Comic Con in a couple weeks!

  9. TENIME says:

    Woo-hoo!! Congrats, girlie!!

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