Executive Assistant: Lotus #1 of 3 Preview

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Oliver Nome and Emilio Lopez
In stores July 20th, 2011

If you recall, last week I wrote a review of Executive Assistant: Orchid, another limited series in the “Hit List Agenda” run of Executive Assistant books. I was not at all impressed with the sexist, extremely violent tone of EA: Orchid. However, the EA series has done a complete 180 with the touching, extremely human story of Executive Assistant: Lotus.

This first book begins with action and assassination, but quickly looks backward to Lotus’ past. Set in India, a young woman born into a family of fighters, Rani (who would become Lotus) had one rule that she would never break. However, in an ill-fated assassination attempt, she broke her rule. Haunted by her actions, Rani faces her punishment head-on, and in the process, becomes Lotus.

Executive Assistant: Lotus is a much more female-friendly book than EA: Orchid was. It is a compelling story with a deep emotional resonance. It still has the basic tone of the other Executive Assistant series, but has a much more character-driven plot. It has decidedly less graphic violence, however, the character that suffers the brunt of the violence will leave you feeling somewhat uneasy.

The artwork is extremely versatile, flipping quickly between dynamic action and deep emotional scenes. There are a few panels where Lotus looks a bit strange, but overall, the artwork is great.

I’m going to give Executive Assistant: Lotus 3.5 out of 5 sticky bombs. If you’re looking into a well-written intro to the Executive Assistant series, you’re not going to find one better than this.



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