Charismagic #2 Preview

Created and written by Vince Hernandez
Artwork by Khary Randolph
Colors by Emilio Lopez
On sale July 13th, 2011

What would you do if every human being on earth suddenly vanished? In Hank Medley’s case, he has no choice but to run for his life! In Charismagic #2, the sleek sexiness of Las Vegas is gone, replaced with magical monsters that are absolutely terrifying.

The story jumps around quite a bit, showing us just how far the magical world has infiltrated the human realm. We begin to learn more about Hank, thanks to his magical cat, Sparkles, although it’s evident that Sparkles doesn’t have all the answers, either. Their hope may lie in the mysterious young woman from issue 1, Sudana, who is promising to explain what’s happening in issue 3.

We still don’t really know what’s going on. Obviously, magic has gone a bit wonky, but all we’ve been told so far is the bit of Hector’s explanation from issue 1. While short on explanation, this issue is full of action, as every main character is now in mortal peril.

The book stalls a bit as Hank comes to terms with the fact that Sparkles can talk, in fact, he keeps coming back to it over and over again. While alternating between action and exposition, it felt as if the exposition doesn’t really go much of anywhere. Having the “Cats can’t talk” argument twice in the book felt a bit redundant, and, while it shows how hard-headed Hank is, it feels like a waste of time and space to have it in the book twice.

Sudana is one of two epic badasses in this series, the light side to Samsun’s dark. One can only hope that we get to see a lot more of her in subsequent issues. She’s smart, witty, and, of course, beautiful (this is an Aspen comic, remember).

The artwork and colors are great as usual, and I just adore how Sparkles the cat is drawn.

Charismagic has great potential as a hugely imaginative series, now it just needs to clue us into what’s going on. I’m giving Charismagic #2 3 out of 5 magic wands, with hopes that the next issue will be able to fill in some of the plot holes, and weave this fragmented story into something amazing.


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