Future Tense: Captain America: The First Avenger

We love to wax nostalgic at PoP!, but sometimes it’s what’s yet to come that most quickens our nerd pulses. For better or for worse, let’s start the speculation over what’s making us Future Tense

This summer so far has been a disappointment as far as comic book movies go. Thor so far may be the winner, just on the basis of sucking the least. As fans we may have been spoiled the past few years with the mass amount of comic movies that were really good. There’s one movie coming out this summer that could change this year’s fortunes: Captain America.

Captain America has everything going for it. The story of Steve Rogers is the ultimate underdog story. Steve was the prototypical 98 pound weakling. He gets bullied in some of the scenes in the trailer, and doesn’t back down. Hell, he grabs a trash can lid to defend himself, takes his beating, but that bully didn’t break him. He was a man that wanted to serve his country, and when not allowed to, he persevered and beat the odds. As a reward he also gets jacked. Look at Chris Evans. That is the same guy that played the Human Torch. He went from a well built guy, to the epitome of the body type you would imagine for Captain America. It’s like he took the Super Soldier Serum in real life.

Cap is also a story that is patriotic. Even in the times we live in now, people want to be proud of their country. The main character in this movie wears basically an American flag. He throws America at people, and knocks them out with it. He fights Nazis, and Super Nazis. The Red Skull isn’t going to be Italian in this flick, and you couldn’t get more Nazi than him unless you had a character that wore a Michael Jordan mustache. But wait, this movie may have that covered too. There’s a rumor that we will see Cap punching Hitler. That’s right, Captain America is rumored to land a haymaker on Hitler. I already can’t wait for the meme if that is true.

From the beginning Marvel has done the little things to keep their base happy with this flick. Each well time reveal from the costume to casting, has been pitch perfect. No other costume in the history of comic flicks looks more true to it’s source than Captain America’s. We’re going to see both classic versions of Cap’s shield in this movie. Hugo Weaving’s costume and make up as the Red Skull look amazing. The period costumes we’ve seen so far have the right weight to them. They look like the right material. They look like they belong in Word War II. Movies, like comics themselves are a visual medium, and getting those small, but very important details right will just add more to the experience of the film. Hopefully, unlike X-Men First Class, the sets and costumes might actually make this piece of  celluloid feel like a period piece.

I did have some fears about this movie at first, and they all stemmed from the casting. I have seen Chris Evans in four movies, the two Fantastic Four films, Scott Pilgrim, and Not Another Teen Movie. From those roles Evans looked like just a slightly better choice to play Cap than Michael Cera. Then the trailers hit. At least in those he has proven me wrong. He moves like you would figure Captain America moves. He’s not playing Lucas Lee or Johnny Storm like I feared he would. He looks like a good choice.

It may sound like sacrilege, but the other piece of casting news that had me worried about the fate of this movie was the casting of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull. Hugo Weaving has a very distinct delivery of his lines, and has been playing genre roles, or voicing them for a long time. I was, and still am to a degree worried that the Red Skull will just be another Hugo Weaving character. But let’s be honest, if I can learn to love Chris Evans in the role of Cap just from the trailers, not having hope for Hugo Weaving would be ridiculous.

Captain America showing up in the comics is usually a sign that he is going to save the day. I’m just really hoping he can do the same for this summer of comic movies.


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  1. Eirejack says:

    I don’t see what you’re basing your conclusions on. I haven’t seen Green Lantern but i knew that would be a bad egg. The only Criticism I could see with X men First class is that there wasn’t the REAL first class and admittedly Emma Frost’s diamond form wasn’t as well done as the effect in Xmen Origins: Wolverine. The leads were charismatic, the pace was well done, the historical context was cheesy true, but not heavy handed. (They could’ve put it in more context of the civil rights movement, and that would’ve been way more preachy) Everyone’s mileage may very but to call it a sucky film is a dangerous misnomer. A true task in story telling is to get people so emotionally invested in a tale that they already know, that the obvious becomes surprising. There may very well be people who have not seen Xmen first class, so I wont’ go into specifics, but when the event I’m referring to occurs, there was a collective gasp from the audience.

    Also Thor held the most amazing visuals from a film that we’ll see this year. It also succeeded in telling an origin that could be tedious, but kept itself intermingled with a progressive plot enough to keep us coming.

    • Nick Brammer says:

      I did not like First Class, and it had very little to do with it not being the real First Class. Check Knize’s review for my thoughts on it.(in the comments.)

      Thor was an ok movie.

      Like I said at the beginning of the article, I just feel this is the weakest class of comic movies in a while, and hopefully Cap can change that.

  2. Sean Russell says:

    I disagree that the comic book adaptations have been poor, with the exception of a mediocre GREEN LANTERN. THOR & X-MEN: FIRST CLASS were excellent entertainment, done well, & exceeding expectations! These werent perfect but definitely quality. I have equal faith in FIRST AVENGER hoping it succeeds in being great.

    Sean Russell, London UK

  3. Tito says:

    I have yet to be wowed by any of these movies. I hope that Captain America changes that. Thor, First Class, and GL were ok at best.

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