C2E2 2011 Video Coverage: Jon Bernthal & Laurie Holden Interview

PanelsOnPages.com’s own Jason Kerouac and The PoP! PrincessCasts Meghan White interviewed two of the stars of amc‘s hit adaptation of Robert Kirkman‘s zombie-epic, The Walking Dead, at C2E2 2011.

Kerouac buddies up with his hero, Shane (Jon Bernthal), and Meg and Laurie Holden (Andrea) can’t stop crushing over one another.  Ever wondered what Jon Bernthal’s zombie-apocalypse weapon of choice would be?  Or what Greg Nicotero‘s ‘walkers’ smell like in 150-degree Atlanta heat?

Watch this video, and the rest of our awesome C2E2 2011 Video Coverage!

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–The 11th Hour


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