Weekly News 6-Pack: March 30th, 2011

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This week: Rob Granito is a fraud, Amy Adams is Lois Lane, a Justice League movie might happen, and Christopher Nolan might have a part in it (!?), the much talked-about Wonder Woman costume, Marvel vs. DC 2, and as always, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

The comics internet took a moment this past weekend, to quote Thacher E. Cleveland, to “pistol whip the retarded kid”.  The retarded kid in question?  Rob Granito, a sad loser who had been making a name for himself on the con circuit by appropriating others’ work and making wild claims about his credits.  Ethan Van Sciver and Mark Waid were on the scene at Orlando’s Megacon, where Granito was selling his stolen wares, and the two industry heavyweights proceeded to kick sand in the guy’s face.  I don’t know if they grade it but….coarse.

The Zack Snyder Superman-reboot casting process continues to gain steam more powerful than a locomotive.  Kevin Costner has been confirmed to be boning milf Diane Lane as Pa and Ma Kent, respectively, and late last week, Amy Adams signed to portray the pluckiest dame in the Daily Planet newsroom, Lois Lane.  Outside of lead actor Henry Cavill (sorry Hank), every actor cast thus far has at least been nominated for an Academy Award.  Keep an ear out, because sooner-than-later we should hear news that Edward Norton’s character from Primal Fear has been cast as Jimmy Olsen.

Speaking of hearing things…do you hear that?  No, it’s not a birthday clown tying balloons into a jaunty party hat.  It’s the sound of Adrianne Palicki’s thighs rubbing together in that gloriously garish vinyl costume from the forthcoming Wonder Woman TV series.  The internet hates it…surprise surprise, and rightfully so, because the costume more or less resembles the cheap knock-off Halloween costumes that everyone’s slutty friend leaves crumpled on some stranger’s floor on November 1st.  On the other hand, it pretty much guarantees I’ll be in front of the TV the night the show premieres.  Sans pants.

Update:  Vinyl Pants are SO out this season!

Even though the body is still warm, talks have begun to not only reboot the Batman franchise post-Dark Knight Rises, but rumors have swirled again that an all-star Justice League movie might happen, and what’s this….Christopher Nolan might have a hand in it?  This just in…the Christopher Nolan-led Justice League franchise is poised for a reboot.

Dear PoP!ulation, unless you get it straight from PanelsOnPages.com, don’t believe any news you read on April 1st…especially considering there is a rumored announcement about Marvel Vs. DC 2 from WonderCon on Friday.  Until Marvel or DC persists that the news is legit on any day other than April Fool’s, Marvel vs. DC 2 is merely a joke, a figment, a hoax.  Kind of like those T’Challa as Captain America images.


It’s been a while since we’ve had live news on The PanelsOnPages.com PoP!Cast, and March has been hell for our own favorite pistol-whipped r-tard, Spider-Man, Turn Off The DarkJulie Taymor’s out, the whole she-bang is getting an overhaul, yet actors are still dropping like flies, no pun intended, most notably, TV Carpio, the 12th-string actress in the abysmal role of Arachne.  Good news for her….her character will most likely be cut from the story.  The beleaguered mess has been rescheduled to open on May 11th, scratch that, now June 14th, which…cmon….ain’t gonna happen.  To top it all, a story has surfaced that before pen was even put to paper in 2005 at The Edge’s New York apartment, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark gave Broadway producer Tony Adams a stroke.

Two days later, he was dead.


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