The Stuff of Legend – Volume II: The Jungle, Book 4

Written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith
Art by Charles Paul Wilson III
Published by Th3rd World Studios

If you’re reading this review, odds are decent enough that you know how I’ve felt about The Stuff of Legend right from the start. It’s hard for me not to repeat myself here. What more do you say about a perfect writing team being paired with the perfect artist; how can you describe their product without repeatedly seeking out new synonyms for “amazing” and “fantastic;” how many ways can you convey that it is the single most engaging work of fiction you’ve had the pleasure of sitting down to read?

I, for one, am at a loss. So instead, I’ll offer you these words of wisdom from series co-creator and one half of the writing team, Mike Raicht:

It’s hard to ever hit that perfect vision. I know I can paralyze myself sometimes waiting for the perfect time to start. I keep telling myself I’m just not ready to write it yet, and put it off. So I completely understand what you’re talking about.

But sometimes you just need to do it.

– Mike Raicht, (on finding the right time to start telling your story)

You see, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know the guys behind STUFF, and honestly? I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather see in the drivers’ seats. They’ve been fantastic to work with and a joy to talk with on a more personal level, and it makes the quality of their work that much more enjoyable knowing that it’s coming from such great guys. So, when I read the latest issue and once again began to lavish Mike with praise, I happened to mention my own desire to one day write comics, and my reluctance to start, as I hadn’t hammered out all the fine details yet. Mike’s advice, above, is not unlike what you’ll hear from just about any parent when they hear you say “I’m just not ready to have kids.”

“You’ll never be ready. It’s something you just have to do, and you’ll get better as you go.”

And maybe that’s why STUFF is so good. Because it is the child of such capable and loving parents. The time and energy that this creative team puts into the book with every single issue are immediately apparent. The characters and their simultaneously interwoven and unraveling stories will ensnare your imagination and emotions alike; never moreso than on the final page of this issue, in a scene that – as I described on episode 96 of the PoP!Cast – “will tweak the nipples of your soul.” Roll that one around in your brain-box for a bit.

So, for all of you aspiring writers out there – heed Mr. Raicht’s advice and jump right in with both feet. Not every one of us is going to create a masterpiece, but none of us will if we don’t try. For my part? If anything I do ever has half the effect on anyone as STUFF repeatedly has on me? I’ll know I’ve done something right.

The Stuff of Legend – Voume II: The Jungle, Book 4 defies categorization. Any rating I could give to this issue would simply fail to convey the unbridled joy I get each time I soak in each and every page. Some stories transcend the medium through which they are told. The Stuff of Legend transforms it into something more than most writers or artists could ever imagine. This book is perfect, and I implore you to get caught up. Volume I is already collected and available to order from Th3rd World Studios, with the collected Volume II hitting shops in late April, just in time for Free Comic Book Day and the launch of Volume III, The Jester’s Tale. If you haven’t done so already, order your copy today.

Class – dismissed.


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  1. FroZen says:

    I keep telling myself to get this these collections but still haven’t. From just reading the reviews I’m already in love with it. I’m going to write myself a post-it and stick it to my chest so I can remember to buy these.

  2. Tito Cruz says:

    I will be getting this at C2E2!

    Kwhack remind me to kiss you for introducing me to this.

    • Jason Kerouac says:

      Chris might get jealous 😉

      But seriously, if you’re talking about getting the collected edition of Volume 1, I’d order it from Th3rd World as CPW3 includes sketches inside. I was lucky enough to get Jester =D

  3. Matthew JLD Rice says:

    This has been on my list of books to pick up for a while. Don’t know why I haven’t done it yet. I read the “Free Comic Book Day” issue a few years ago and did enjoy what I had read…

    Jason, you may have finally kicked me hard enough to pull the trigger! Thank you sir!

  4. D-Rock says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite reads when it comes out. Always enjoyable with every issue

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