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Let us here at PoP! guide you through a minefield of books that seem full of win from the word go, but which once you crack them open have you shouting… It’s a Trap!

Oh, man. This one is a bad one, folks. Let’s not waste time with empty pleasantries. The Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon is utterly and painfully unfunny and a complete failure when compared to the original series from which it spawned in the Nicktoons era of the early 1990’s. It is devoid of all the charm and wit that was such a success, resulting in a massive crossover audience of both kids and adults alike. Originally airing on Spike TV when the network launched, this new incarnation of our favorite asthma hound chihuahua and… cat… was apparently intended to go that extra mile show creator John K. couldn’t go on Nickelodeon. It was, after all, a kids’ show, despite the toilet gags and gross-out humor. Even in the original series, there were a handful of episodes that were banned from broadcast after their initial run based on parents’ complaints and a few more that never aired at all once the censors got their hands on them. This was supposed to be the MORE adult version.

It was cancelled early into its run thanks in part to production woes and partly to the fact that it sucks eggs. I never saw it in its original run. I recently rediscovered its existence thanks to the glorious power of the almighty Netflix. I immediately launched the first episode, completely based on my love of the original series; a series that is also available on Netflix and actually does hold up fairly well. If I’m being completely honest, I have to admit to having only watched one episode of The Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, mostly because I don’t know if my soul could handle any more. What followed was beyond horrible.

The episode opens on a bright note, actually, as Ren & Stimpy have found themselves living in a sleeping hobo’s mouth. It may sound dumb (it is), but the reveal is genuinely funny and garnered a laugh out loud moment from me and set the bar pretty high. I really thought I was in for something good. Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from there, with the exception of one other hobo-related gag. When they leave for nicer digs, Ren kicks the hobo square in the junk and tells Stimpy “What? You ALWAYS give your old house a kick in the balls when you move out. It’s tradition.” It’s pretty funny. That’s it. I promise. The rest is garbage.

There's boobs... That's something, right?

Once we actually enter the hobo (something I NEVER thought I would type or even think), things go horribly awry. They’re broke and living in a hobo, so life’s not exactly going great. Ren is lamenting their current woes, but Stimpy is much more concerned with his “needs.” Because in this cartoon, Ren and Stimpy are apparently lovers. Since he’s not in the mood, Ren shouts that he doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” about Stimpy’s needs (they swear in this one, too, apparently), but Stimpy persists. Ren tells him to close his eyes and pucker up, at which point he reaches back into the hobo’s throat, pulls out a rat and plants its brown eye on Stimpy’s lips, leaving a poo mustache on the unsuspecting feline. I realize that all of this seems very slapdash and random, but just go with me; there’s more.

They go to sleep, but the hobo’s snoring causes his uvula to dangle down and tickle Ren’s exposed butt crack every time he exhales. The gag goes on for what feels like nine days before he wakes up, slaps the bejeezus out of Stimpy and shouts “What did I tell you!? I’m the pitcher; you’re the catcher!” Stimpy knows, because he’s written it over and over again on a blackboard. Hilarious. They move out of the hobo thanks to the five bucks Stimpy has stored in his ass. The last good bit with the balls happens and they move into a spittoon, wear tuxedos and stupid crap happens. From there, I sort of phased out. It’s awful. It’s really terrible.

This happens about a dozen times before they let the joke go.

The show just isn’t funny. It just isn’t. I suppose it could be, but it’s not. There’s nothing redeeming about it at all and that trend continues through the whole run, apparently, with episodes about a pregnant Stimpy and Ren’s attempts to abort it, an episode where Ren brutally tortures a frog and an episode full of genuine boobs wherein Ren lusts after a bunch of beach babes as they bounce about. If I’m wrong, please let me know. If I didn’t give it a fair shake, I’ll try a third time (because I tried to finish the first episode twice) and we’ll see. What I’ve seen of Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon is some of the worst television I’ve ever seen. Whatever John K. was thinking on this one, it’s a miss for me. Billy West is nowhere NEAR this turd, and for good reason. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be associated with this drivel. I can’t believe they ever thought for a second that this crap would fly on TV. There’s gratuitous, and then there’s this.

If you’re feeling adventurous, dear reader, hit up your Netflix but keep the remote handy. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be reaching for it pretty quick. Then again, maybe you won’t. Maybe I’m missing it and you’ll be completely enthralled by it. I hope not, for all our sakes.


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  1. It’s not great for sure. I got the collection for a song when Blockbuster started selling all their stock. You’re right that it’s nowhere near as funny and cutting edge as the original. Part of the magic of it was the implied stuff. Somehow saying it out loud blows the whole deal for me.

    I’ll have to check it out again soon and see if it’s as terrible as I remember it being.

  2. Z-R0E says:

    I remember seeing a couple of this when it was airing on TV and hated it as well. It’s only edgy for the sake of being edgy. I’m often a found of “random humor”, but this feels like they’re trying too hard to make it random. The whole thing with Ren & Stimpy blatantly being in a relationship was annoying too. If this was the show John K. wanted to do but couldn’t, then thank you Nickelodeon for stopping him.

  3. Denim says:

    I remember hearing about this but passing on it. Now I am kind of glad I did. Sounds as if they were just being over the top just to get the “shock”. I understand that they know they will get more ratings if word of mouth is “Oh my God! you have to see what they are doing on this show!!” as opposed to “why look at that, they have carried on the great inferred humor that the original had.” but seriously, there is no need to be that overboard with gay and poop jokes.

  4. Kupocat says:

    WTF? I didn’t even know they released new episodes…this sounds pretty terrible. O_o lol

  5. Rufus says:

    While most of the episodes aren’t quite as good as the originals, “Ren Seeks Help” stands out as the best Ren & Stimpy episode ever to me.

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