It’s a Trap! All-Star Superman

Let us here at PoP! guide you through a minefield of books that seem full of win from the word go, but which once you crack them open have you shouting… It’s a Trap!

Written by Grant Morrison
Pencils by Frank Quitely
Published by Detective Comics

For years I’ve heard raves about All-Star Superman.  I passed over the Volume 1 trade numerous times in favor of non-Superman fare.  I snagged the first issue of the 12-issue series as part of a Free Comic Book Day “fill a plastic bag with assorted comics for $10” promotion, and I remember liking it, for some unknown reason.  Earlier this winter, I finally broke down and picked up the first trade during my inaugural trip to Heroes Landing in Clermont, FL.

Then, I read it.

What I was expecting was a contemporary Elseworlds-style take on The Man of Steel, accessible to new readers, and a reinvention of DC’s marquee name.  What I got in return was a frumpy, bumbling, down-right asinine Clark Kent, a defeated, making-out-his-will Supes, Super-serum for Lois Lane on her birthday, Jimmy Olsen as Doomsday, and grade-A Morrison dialogue and exposition that made me crinkle the pages with anger.

The two saving graces of the first volume of All-Star Superman are the art by Frank Quitely, although, I hold him at least partially responsible for the over-schlubbing of Kent, and the Lex-in-Prison storyline, yet, that was also marred by the presence of an entirely dickless Clark.

Yes, it's true. This man has no dick.

I believed the hype.  I even bought into it.  But no other book in recent memory has left me with such a horrible taste in my mouth.  Maybe I’ve only now just discovered that Grant Morrison is not my cup of tea.  Maybe I’m just not that into Superman.

Or maybe All-Star Superman is shitty.




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  1. Elmo Machete says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been saying this for a year, at least.

  2. Spazzy says:

    I’m just not into Supes that much.. but this… was a piece of crap. Err… The comic, not the article 😉

  3. lordd3r3k says:

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve read this, but I remember it being it a good time. But I also enjoy Superman in general.

  4. chuck says:

    am I the only person that actually likes all-star superman?

  5. Spider_Fan14 says:

    ^ I loved All-Star too

  6. chuck says:

    okay there is at least two people who liked it.

    also clark kent is done best when he is sort a of bumbling oaf.

  7. lordd3r3k says:

    *waves hand* I said it was a good time =)

  8. lordd3r3k says:

    Plus, I thought Quietly was one of the few artists that makes a clear distinction visually between Clark and Superman.

  9. chuck says:

    okay three people liked it
    I loved that you could totally see the change from clark to superman.

  10. Heytherejeffro says:

    It’s a throwback to the goofiness of the Silver Age with (what most believe to be) a better level of storytelling. Not for everyone, to be sure.

  11. Tomer Soiker says:

    I mostly hate Superman in comic books, except for the occasional Elseworlds take (not all of them, though). Examples? Red Son (I love the twist in the end), Secret Identity (Busiek and Imomnen doing a “real life” Superman tale) and Birthright (for the most part).

    To All Star Superman I came as a fan (almost for life) of the Morrison/Quitely team. Yet, I didn’t know what to expect from this book, since I loathed Superman. I was sold on the “out of continuity” promise. I didn’t like what I read. I thought it was too goofy and an homage to the Silver Age wasn’t one of interests at the time. I dropped it off my pull list (I still had one back then) with the Lex in prison issue being my last one. Then, I was sold. I bought the next issue anyway (a tale about young Clark, a bunch of weird counterparts of his and a tragedy) and finally got it. From then on and until the end, I didn’t doubt the greatness of the book once more.

  12. chuck says:

    The reason I love all star-superman is that it is a throw-back the silver age adventures of superman. The silver age superman were some of the first stories i read. Like the superman/red blue storyline. It’s a fun read thats what makes it awesome that and the art.

  13. theirishside says:

    I agree All-Star sucked. But if this made you mad, try reading Cry for Justice. That pissed me right the hell off

  14. Nick Brammer says:

    The first one in Superman (vol. 1), #162 (July 1963) is Kwhack.

    I still believe this is the best Superman story ever told.

  15. chuck says:

    thank you Nick that is the one i’m referring to to. I read that in that in the trade superman: the greatest stories ever told.

  16. Nick Brammer says:

    Superman had just as many trippy stories back in the day as Batman. Superman needs a Black Casebook.

  17. Joshua says:

    “am I the only person that actually likes all-star superman?”

    Nope. It was an enormous success and most people loved it. People who did not enjoy it are in the severe minority. That said, as a fan of Silver Age DC, I found it an enjoyable read.

  18. chuck says:

    so basically everybody with a soul liked it, (sorry Knize you know i love you)

  19. Jason Knize says:

    Spazzy is going to stab the fuck out of you, Chuck.

  20. chuck says:

    Oh spazzy has a soul,

    Spazzy please no stabby me.

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