Wizard Universe Message Boards No More?

gareb-take-2Is this the end of the Wizard Universe Message Boards? Hard to say. But as of right now, they are gone baby, gone. A shocking yet somehow simultaneously wholly unsurprising move by a man and a company that clearly have only the bottomline in mind.

Fans? Who cares about giving them an outlet to voice their opinions and a place at which to congregate!? Shut it down!

Now… maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Wizard Universe Message Boards are down for some scheduled maintenance and will be back up, better than ever. Hell, maybe there’ll even be actual Wizard staff running them, this time around. You know, like it used to be! Then again, I think the only person cashing a check from Gareb these days is brother Stevie, so… maybe not.

I’ve taken a sufficiently sardonic tone in my reporting on all things Gareb Shameful, but I’d like to take a moment aside here, to remember a better time.

As visitors to PoP! may or may not know, Panels on Pages was founded by former Wizard contributors – myself among them. It was through the Wizard Universe Message Boards that we became contributors. It was through the WUMB that I met some of my best friends. It was through the WUMB that I met the girl of my dreams. And, most importantly to you, the PoP!ulation, it was through the WUMB that PoP! came to be in the first place. Whatever it may have become – and believe me, it was a shell of its former self towards the end – the WUMB was once something wonderful. Something to be remembered fondly. And now, something to be memorialized.


The Wizard Universe Message Boards: RIP


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Jason Kerouac is a co-founder of Panelsonpages.com. He spends roughly half of his waking life in servitude to the Giraffe. Raised in a town in New Hampshire you've never heard of, he now lives in Indianapolis, IN and is pretty sure that's a step in the right direction.

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  1. darth__frodo says:

    The WUMB is legendary and always will be because that’s where most of us met and made our roots, but I think its time has come and gone. PoP! will rise from its ashes just like a phoenix.

    Besides, I was just comparing a new ToyFare to one from 2006 and the difference is scary. The news ones are utter crap. I’m glad Justin Aclin is still writing/editing for it, otherwise… I wouldn’t even subscribe. But it’s still not nearly as good and barely worth reading anymore. I don’t see Wizard surviving much longer unless it just reduces itself to “Pop Culture Conventions”.

  2. Chris Ward says:

    They’re not coming back. And I know something else that’s going bye-bye….

  3. Chris Ward says:

    Ok, I can’t keep up the suspense…it’s ad revenue. But that’s no shock I guess.

    • Jason Kerouac says:

      @ Chris – That was awesome. I’m like… Ooh! What’s it gonna be! I can’t wait to… oh, he told us already.

      @ Everyone else (and Chris, if he’s up for it) – ::group hug::

  4. Peter says:

    It was gonna happen sooner or later with that smuck running things.

  5. Sam Riedel says:

    WUMB Samus reporting in. I request a moment of silence for all the WUMB stands for, that it may never be forgotten.

  6. Rob says:

    I’m gonna miss the place if it doesn’t come back. I am greatful for being able to meet people like you guys though.

  7. Rath99/Tito says:

    Great work Kerouac. I joined WUMB a few years back but I didn’t start really posting until early this year. I wasn’t there for the glory days many of you frequently speak of but I enjoyed my time posting there. For all the negative that tends to be spoken about the WUMB there is much more positive and Kerouac does a good job of stating that. Bottom line for me is that if it wasn’t for WUMB I wouldn’t have found the friends I’ve met over at NERDGASM and the great people I’ve met here at PoP! So for that thank you WUMB.

  8. potatojoe says:

    Thanks for the friends WUMB, thanks for Pop.

  9. Chris Ward says:

    I really do know something that’s going bye-bye though.

    Can anyone build a Buttercow tribute page?

  10. potatojoe says:

    Me too! C’mon spill it! I have candy. And a van

  11. Batman25JM says:

    I am quite saddened by the WUMB’s demise. I knew it was coming, but I thought it had more time. I feel like crying. Well, at least PoP! is still going strong.

  12. Probably should have left the comment here, but as the former Root Admin for WUMB and (for three weeks) the owner of the boards, I offered a bit of background on my departure from the WUMB-verse over at R6:


    Many thanks to all of the folks from the boards who offered friendship and support while I was with Wizard and (possibly more importantly) after my departure. It meant a lot to me to have a comics message board that wasn’t fueled by snark and negativity, and to prove that such a thing could exist – even for the short time we had it.

    You done good, WUMB – be proud of that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Peter says:

    “You never forget your first”. That how the Wumb was before it went to shit, but I’m glad we all are still chatting away on Facebook and POP! Wumb is were it all started though.

  14. Thundermatts says:

    I’m glad WUMB brought me to you guys. I love all my internet friends.

  15. SexyToaster says:

    If WUMb truly is gone I will miss, I had some good times over there. and like most other has said, it has brought me to some pretty awesome people.

  16. Ben Gilbert says:

    I’ll raise a glass tonight to the WUMB. It was the Bottle Rocket to our Royal Tenenbaums.

  17. David page says:

    It sucks to be proven right sometimes. I wasn’t on much in the end but it is still sad to say adios to it

  18. Esbat says:

    We’re Rushmore bitches.

  19. LOOSECANNON316 says:

    Wow. I just got back into comic books a YEAR ago. What a shitty year anniversary this is. I’ve been non-stop writing reviews (which many have dubbed “paragraphed essays” and continued to post/reply as much as I could. This forum really helped excel the reading experience, reviewing/replying to comments just after reading the issue itself. Now, while there always is the stagnant ign.com, I’m not so sure if I’m going to be picking up as many issues or caring to even reading these issues as quickly (just to write/read the reviews on the forum). Now that the forum is gone, the comic buying/reading experience appears dreary.

    I’m going to spend a lot of money, read books…with no one talk to about them. Blows.

  20. Kearstin says:

    I really hope that it’s just a maintenance thing. Why no warning? I think that’s pretty shitty. At least I was able to dip my toes in there and meet a lot of you from it. I GUESSSSS I should start posting on PoP! more then, huh? ๐Ÿ˜› xo

  21. mazinger says:

    wow, so sudden…like a family members death…

  22. Kupocat says:

    I -finally- managed to burn it down!

  23. Spider_Fan14 says:

    only because i wrote on my deathnote you would, don’t make too many appointments past the 19th

  24. NyxCrawler says:

    Well that at least explains why I can’t find the message boards. I hadn’t been on in at least 9 months and thought I’d pop in to see how everybody was… Well, guess that answers that question. Sad to see it go, but it just wasn’t what it used to be anyway. I know this article went up many months ago, but still…

  25. Mahoney says:

    NyxCrawler, you’ll be in good hands at forums.panelsonpages.com

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