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On October 2 begins the second season of Cartoon Network’s all CGI Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, but this is not the first animated version of the Clone Wars. Early on in this decade in the wake of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Cartoon Network again ran two seasons of a series of three to seven minute animated shorts featuring characters in episodes II and III showcasing daring battles and clandestine missions, giving Episode III’s newest characters a grand backstory.

If you haven't seen this you haven't lived!

If you haven't seen this you haven't lived!

While the currently airing series drops the stylized hand-drawn animation, both do showcase the adventures of Obi-Wan, Anakin, various other Jedi, and the Grand Army of the Republic and its Clone forces as they battle the Droid hordes and Separatist armies amassed by Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus and General Grievous.

General Grievous, is actually scary in this show.

General Grievous is actually scary in this show.

One of the major differences other than the five to 10 times longer running time is this series was launched by a full-length theatrical feature film that introduced the plucky apprentice Anakin Skywalker and the young Togruta (Master Shaak Ti’s race) Ahsoka Tano.

ahsoka-tano-thumbThis is one of the most controversial moves made to the Star War lore, as we all know Anakin has no apprentice in Episode III, leading many to believe she dies at some point between The Clone Wars and the opening space battle of Revenge of the Sith. While a morbid line of thinking, the CGI Clone Wars tales take a slightly more lighthearted approach than the more stylized previous series, which was much more action-oriented.

They had me at "Lee van Cleef"

They had me at "Lee Van Cleef."

As I mentioned above, the second season is beginning this Friday and picks up where season one ended with the machinations of the ruthlessly efficient Lee Van Cleef-inspired Bounty Hunter coming to fruition during a simultaneous prison break and hostage situation to free the Truman Capote-inspired crime boss Ziro the Hutt.

You see they talk alike and both went to prison...

You see they talk alike and both went to prison...

Utilizing an assembly of various other Bounty Hunters – some new and others seen in other Star Wars films (Episode I, Aurra Sing, and Episode VI, Bossk), Cad Bane is apparently taking orders from Palpatine/Darth Sidious, and he aims to make trouble by striking at the heart of the Republic to instill fear in the Jedi and basically shake the pillars of galactic civilization as they know it.

He's my all time favorite bounty hunter! In your face Dog!

He's my all-time favorite bounty hunter! In your face, Dog!

With the promise of down-and-dirty fighting by Mos Eisley’s finest of Scum and Villainy, season two of the Clone Wars seems to promise a step up in both the action department and intrigue as we watch not-so-lil’ Ani and Ahsoka take on not only the Sith but the highly skilled, very deadly gang of Bounty Hunters.


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  1. Ska says:

    *Squee* I <3 Ahsoka. This is the best series on Cartoon Network since Dexter’s Laboratory. XD

  2. Esbat says:

    Thanks for reminding me… but I think Space Law is on my side.

    Also Ska, you just tell me the next time Kerouac mistreats you and I’ll be all over him like Jabba on Leia.

  3. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    Man, I loved that cartoon.

  4. Ska says:

    @ Esbat:

    Um….ok? *raises eyebrow*

  5. Spider_Fan14 says:

    I love this show! i wasn’t much of a fan of the mini episodes (thought i didn’t like Samurai Jack as a kid but i see it boomerang and i like it much more) but this, Flapjack and Batman Brave and the Bold are my fave toons on CN now. I like Ashoka much more now, the movie of this was pretty crappy. Here’s hoping for a kickass season 2!

  6. Esbat says:

    @Spider_Fan14: I thought the movie was rather fitting, sure it could be slightly jarring to fans to be thrust head first into a scenario assumed alot of things but I do believe it was building off of the hand drawn Clone Wars shorts. My only caveat was that Ahsoka wasn’t in the actual shorts, I mean when you have 3 to 7 minutes to tell a story how much time do you have to introduce new characters?

  7. TENIME_art says:

    I miss the Genndy Tartakovsky style/animation.

    But the 20-some (and growing!) Clone Trooper action figures on my shelves will attest to my love for this series, as well.

    Season 1 will be my first TV series Blu-Ray purchase, that’s for sure!

  8. Wolf69 says:

    Just finished Gone Baby Gone and i have to say that i have never been more pissed off at the ending of a movie in my life. ,

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