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PoP! spotlights the fans who have permanently branded themselves as geeks.

This edition of All Ink’d Up, just in time for the Halloween costume season, features a member of the PoP!ulation who takes “dressing up” seriously, to the point of permanence! Enjoy everyone’s favorite cranky cosplayer, TENIME_art, and his Geeky Tatts!


Name: Chris Tenime
Handle: TENIME_art
Location: Western Chicago Suburbs
Age: 27

PoP!: What are your current Geek tattoos, and where are they on your body?

Chis: I’m not really a “picture” person when it comes to my geek-ink. I’m more of a “symbol” person, more likely to get logos than portraits.

In chronological order, my geek tattoos are:

Superman Shield, Right Shoulder


People find it ironic that I’d have this, considering how big a fan I am of his nemesis, Lex Luthor. I could give you some altruistic meaning behind it, like that I want to be a better person, that I want to be “super,” but that’s only half true. I really just want to be able to fly, take a bullet without feeling pain or dying, and see through the wall of the ladies lacrosse team locker room.

Wolverine Claw Sheathes, Back of Hands



Yes, I’m perhaps a tad bit disturbed, but again, I want the powers – the healing-ability, the unbreakable skeleton, the foot-long retractable claws. Laugh if you want, these are dreams of mine.

Hitman Barcode, Base of Skull



This piece has more meaning behind it than simply being based on the Hitman video game character. I grew up in a pretty religious home. The Book of Revelation remains a subject of interest to me, and when the subject arose with my mother, I discovered her belief that the Mark of the Beast may actually end up as barcodes tattooed on the inside of our wrists, containing all personal and financial information.


Needless to say, when I lost my faith in God at the age of 16, my first desire was to get a barcode tattoo. Ooooo, Rebellion! It wasn’t just rebellion, and it has nothing to do with the Devil himself (what has HE ever done for me!?), but more of a defiance of good – a celebration of corruption and evil. I wanted it on the back of my neck, and was waiting for my 18th birthday, but my financial status and low threshold for pain kept me from being too impetuous, thankfully.

The following December, video game company Eidos released the title Hitman. Now, I suck at video games, and subsequently, they end up being more stressful than entertaining. My best friend, Sam, however, isn’t, so watching him play is like watching a movie. I watched him play Hitman from beginning to end, and fell in love with the character (and profession!). I resolved that should I ever start shaving my head, I’d move the barcode from my wrist, up to the base of my skull. Seven years later (and after two years of shaving my head), 20th Century Fox released a cinematic adaptation of Hitman. As soon as the DVD was released, I printed up a screen capture, and took it to the artist.

Heroes “Godsend” Helix, Inner Right Forearm


The symbol resembles a DNA helix, and also a combination of two Japanese characters – Sai (才), which translates to “Great Talent,” and Yo (与), which translates to “Godsend.” I see it as my “brand” of being “superhuman.”

LOST Numbers, Inner Left Forearm

The “Numbers” (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) are one of the frequently recurring themes on LOST, as well as being one of the biggest mysteries on a show rife with mind-f—s. The plane that crashed was Oceanic Flight 815, Jack Shephard sat in Row 23, John Locke was in his wheelchair for four years, they were Hurley’s winning lottery numbers, and etched onto the outside of the hatch. The numbers also represent “the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, a mathematical formula designed to predict the end of humanity.  The numbers in actuality are said to represent human and environmental factors in the equation (given numerical form), though their precise meaning is uncertain.” As someone fascinated with Armageddon and the end of existence, the Valenzetti Equation lends the most personal meaning to this piece.

PoP!: What is your favorite of your tattoos?

Chris: Probably the barcode, which is funny, considering it’s the one I’ll never see without the aid of a mirror, that is, until l I get any pieces on my back.

PoP!: Have you received any awards/recognition for your tatts?

Chris: I’m constantly receiving comments. Most people don’t “get it” (the Wolvie claws get the most “What are those?”), but occasionally, I’ll get an “Awesome!” from a  fellow nerd. People are continually asking if the LOST numbers are for lotto, which is funny considering the numbers as Hurley’s winning lottery ticket was the first major reveal on the show. Others wonder if the barcode is scannable, which it is not. When I met Michelle Rodriguez at Chicago Comic-Con, I was trying to show her my LOST tattoo, but she was too busy geeking out over the Wolvie sheaths. Then, after she saw the barcode, she told me I was “just off the chain with them all.”


PoP!: Where do you get your work done?

Chris: Multiple places, usually off of friend recommendations.

Superman Shield was done at Chicago Tattooing & Piercing
Wolverine Claw Sheathes was done at Taylor Street Tattoo by Chris
Hitman Barcode was done at Quad City Tattoo by Bert
LOST Numbers and Heroes “Godsend” Helix were done (in the same session) at Brother E’s by Rich

I’m taking all future pieces to Rich, because he does good, fast work, and quotes really fair prices.

PoP!: Do you have any plans for more Geek tattoos?


Chris: Of course, duh! My next one is going to be Nicolas Flamel’s Caduceus, a symbol used in alchemy, which interests me in and of itself, but can also be geek-linked to the anime Full Metal Alchemist, wherein Alphonse Elric has the symbol painted in blood on the left shoulder of his armor. My version will be in red, but it will be lower, between the bicep and tricep on the outside of my arm (I have other plans for my left shoulder).

Obviously, I have plans for many, many more, and an Ex gave me some good advice on tattoos. Get the exact picture you want. Hang it up somewhere that you’ll see it every day for a year (next to your bathroom mirror or bedroom door are good). If at any time you get tired of seeing it, or feel like taking it down – don’t get the tattoo. I spend a lot of time thinking about design, color, placement, etc.


Thanks to Chris for getting “All Ink’d Up”!

Do you have a Comic, Cartoon, Sci-Fi or generally Geek-centric tattoo that you think would make an interesting feature for “All Ink’d Up”? If so, send your pics to, visit us at the PoP! Forums or comment on this very article!


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  1. Jason Kerouac says:

    This was so good I think it got me pregnant! Big ups to both K-Nice and T-Nizzle!

  2. Steel Rose says:

    The tats are rather awesome and I enjoyed reading about them.

  3. I love that first photo of Chris as Luthor. So sexy!

  4. Esbat says:

    I gotta agree, that first pic is awesome. I was totally unaware of the sheaths. And that last bit at the end of the interview Chris, about the 1 year lookin’ at the image, is great advice. I’m going to share this interview with someone I know who’s looking to get a tattoo but is unsure.

  5. Nicole says:

    I love the first picture! Tats are, of course, awesome too. 🙂 I like the Wolverine ones the most. Those are badass.

  6. Ska says:

    I like your tattoos. Still doesn’t mean I want to get one. XD

  7. Damn… Those tats are awesome. And he has them to show an expression of how he feels. I love how they all have meanings behind them. I even want to get some new ones on my arm, now I dont know if it will feel like im being original or not.

    I should’ve gotten Tim Seely to draw me something for my right arm. DAMN!

  8. TENIME_art says:

    Awww, thanks, everybody! #^_^#

    And, MDG, if I can get Joe Madureira to draw me a picture I have in mind, that may be my only “non-symbol” tat…

  9. Peter says:

    Awesome Chris! but buddy please, DO NOT TAT up your fingers with all the Corps Rings, They’re RINGS, which means you can take them OFF!

  10. TENIME_art says:

    K-Whack: Awwww….. XP On the subject — I’m not getting ANY torso tattoos until I’m in good enough shape to show them off.

    Pete: I told you I wasn’t going to get them tattooed there! Lol… That’s too much. But I AM getting the symbols SOMEwhere…I just need to think of a good place & a pattern to put them…like I said: alot of planning, then the picture on the wall for a year… ~_^

  11. Blue Halo says:

    Nice ink, Tenime! Reminds me, I need to get my sleeve done soon, but I need to design it first!

  12. TENIME_art says:

    Thanks, Halo!

    Kerouac: I got plans for the back.

    The largest, taking up the most space, would be the JoeMad pic… ~_^

    I was thinking as a band, but not sure where to put it…

  13. Put the Rings above the sheaths on your knuckles.

  14. TENIME_art says:

    No, see, that’s what I DON’T want to do.

    Way back before I got my Wolvie claws, I wanted the Green Lantern symbol on my right middle finger, even getting the ring’s band tattooed around my finger (if anyone wants to use that idea, be my guest).

    As soon as the Sinestro War started, and all the other colors were revealed, suddenly I didn’t want it on my hands anymore. Yeah, there’s only 8 rings, and yeah, I only have 8 fingers, but I think it would look garish & crowded.

    I think a band of the symbols would look best, I’m just trying to figure out WHERE, because I have plans for the outer biceps, so around there wouldn’t work. I’m liking Kerouac’s suggestion, I’d just need to figure out which arm. I was also thinking calves, maybe?

    Either way, until I figure out WHERE I’m getting them, the “Year” doesn’t start yet…

  15. Kearstin says:

    Yeah I second that. Lex photo? Teh sex.

  16. darth__frodo says:

    Yay, Chris! ^_^ It’s funny that you mention the “hang what you want on your bathroom mirror for a year to see if you ever get tired of” part of your story. My friend told me she did that when she wanted a dog. Haha. I guess it works for everything. Brett wants a tattoo but can never make up his mind. I told him to do the mirror trick thing but he never even printed off the photo. lol

  17. Spazzy says:

    Lost numbers… RULE!


    *nerd twitch*

  18. Koraru says:

    This is freaking amazing I love it it’s kinda funny too I have the Caduceus symbol tattoo’d in black light ink on my left wrist cause I’m a total FMA fan!

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