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Review: ‘Missing: A Kim Willows Mystery Vol. 1’

Review: ‘Missing: A Kim Willows Mystery Vol. 1’

We make good on a promise to review Missing: A Kim Willows Mystery Vol. 1 in full – a prime example of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Review: ‘Multiplayer #1’

Review: ‘Multiplayer #1’

Ever want to see all of your favorite video game characters in one massive adventure? Tomi Hanzek gives you that chance with Multiplayer.

Review: ‘Template: The Binary Code: #1

Review: ‘Template: The Binary Code: #1

Our very first independent feature review was for Volume 1 of Template. We now take a look at the beginning of Volume 2.

Review: ‘Empress #5’

Review: ‘Empress #5’

Empress returns with a new writer and more background on our characters. Is this still the same book? Look inside to find out!

Review: 'Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here'

Review: ‘Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here’

Part travel Lifehacker in graphic novel format, part madcap adventure. Find out how well the two are balanced in Poorcraft.

Review: 'Tether #3'

Review: ‘Tether #3’

As the #PoPCSR expands to the Independent Feature Review, we welcome back Chuck Amadori and look at his latest venture, Tether #3.

Review: 'The New Zodiax' #3

Review: ‘The New Zodiax’ #3

The first-time-ever inclusion of real-life podcasters in a comic book story should have been super-gimmicky. But another problem entirely keeps this book from greatness.

Review: 'Poet Anderson' #s 1 & 2

Review: ‘Poet Anderson’ #s 1 & 2

Tom DeLonge (yes, THAT Tom DeLonge) presents a literal dream world with a stylized look and impressive results that serve as a prequel to his short film.

Review: Stray #4

Review: Stray #4

This action-packed end to this costumed former sidekick’s introductory arc leaves readers hungry for more.

Review: 'Delia Awesome' #2

Review: ‘Delia Awesome’ #2

How entertaining can a delayed second issue be when it’s 90% dialogue? The answer may surprise you.

Review: 'Delia Awesome' #1

Review: ‘Delia Awesome’ #1

By request, we have the chance to take a closer look at the first issue of a stark yet fun ComiXology title.

Review: 'Empress #4'

Review: ‘Empress #4’

Chuck Amadori and Marcelo Salaza bring the first volume of their genre-bender to a close, and we have an exclusive look inside!

Review: 'Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriot War: Book Two: The Shaking of the Earth'

Review: ‘Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriot War: Book Two: The Shaking of the Earth’

Panels on Pages has an advance look at the second chapter of the Katusha trilogy and looks at how it tops its predecessor.

Review: 'Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriot War: Book One: Edge of Darkness'

Review: ‘Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriot War: Book One: Edge of Darkness’

Wayne Vansant goes from The ‘Nam to World War II Russia with the stunningly detailed and very involved first volume of the Katusha trilogy.

Review: ‘Fantasy Killer #2’

Review: ‘Fantasy Killer #2’

An exclusive advance look at the newest installment of the Kevin Hock and Leigh Jeffery tale reveals an evolving character study that shows what it could have been but simultaneously excels at what it is.

Review: ‘The Fitzroy’

Review: ‘The Fitzroy’

Imagine a world where Great Britain is covered in a poisonous gas after World War II. This anthology, filled with dark humor and hope, sure does.

Review: 'Leaving Megalopolis'

Review: ‘Leaving Megalopolis’

In a weekend where #PoPCSR goes back in time, we have the opportunity to review the Kickstarter smash by the acclaimed creative team behind Secret Six, Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore. Is there such a thing as leaving the reader wanting too much?

Review: 'Template: After Vega'

Review: ‘Template: After Vega’

A second week is spent reviewing another chapter in a title previously reviewed as part of #PoPCSR. This time, we find out why a “stopgap” can be a good and bad thing.

Review: 'Empress #3'

Review: ‘Empress #3’

We circle back to Chuck Amadori & Marcelo Salaza’s Empress in this week’s #PoPCSR Feature Review to find two master storytellers at work. Find out why inside.

Review: 'Frontier Graveyard Vol. 1: The Risen'

Review: ‘Frontier Graveyard Vol. 1: The Risen’

Imagine if The Walking Dead happened out on the old Western frontier. With a couple twists. That’s the simplified – and possibly unfair – premise behind Frontier Graveyard Vol. 1: The Risen.

Review: ‘Quad vol. 1’

Review: ‘Quad vol. 1’

Four creators tell four different stories in one universe with excellent results. Join us as we look at the collected edition of a #PoPCSR favorite.

Review: ‘The Last Supper’ #1

Review: ‘The Last Supper’ #1

We close out the #PoPCSR Feature Reviews for 2014 with a book that exemplifies why #PoPCSR exists in the first place.

Review: 'Strongman'

Review: ‘Strongman’

What we have here is a prime case of a hidden gem, as some of the earliest work of Charles Soule appears as our #PoPCSR feature review.

Review: ‘The Deep: The Vanishing Island’ #2

Review: ‘The Deep: The Vanishing Island’ #2

A book so perfect we’re stunned that Cartoon Network hasn’t fasttracked it to their prime time lineup.

Review: 'Vine' #s 1 & 2

Review: ‘Vine’ #s 1 & 2

Vine is a great example of why reading a book past just the first issue can be a benefit. Find out why inside.

Review: 'The Accelerators Vol. 1: Time Games'

Review: ‘The Accelerators Vol. 1: Time Games’

We go back in time to check out the collected edition of a title we first looked at back as part of #CS100 and see how it holds up months later.

Review: ‘High Crimes’ #1-8

Review: ‘High Crimes’ #1-8

The story of High Crimes kicks into gear when a grave robber chops the hand off of a frozen body on top of Mount Everest. What? You thought this series would be about something else?

Review: 'Track Suit Man #1'

Review: ‘Track Suit Man #1’

We love our traditional comics here at Panels On Pages, but the goal of #PoPCSR has been, “to look outside the normal delivery channels and find some excellent reading.” Track Suit Man is most certainly that.

Review: ‘Critical Hit #2’

Review: ‘Critical Hit #2’

A near-perfect book almost falls to a modern cliche in storytelling, but manages to rise above with expert characterization and emotion.

Review: 'in Sanity, AZ vol. 1'

Review: ‘in Sanity, AZ vol. 1’

Panels on Pages – and in particular Jason “RIP” Kerouac – has some history with this title. Now that the dust has settled and the Kickstarter campaign a thing of the past, we take a look at the first volume of in Sanity, AZ.

Review: '120 Doses' #1

Review: ‘120 Doses’ #1

The inherent issue with doing comic reviews in 140 characters is that there are times when so much more had to be said about a title or issue. 120 Doses is one those books.

Review: 'Snake #1'

Review: ‘Snake #1’

This week’s #PoPCSR feature review is another title from writer Chuck Amadori – a radically different genre with different results.

Review: 'Empress #2'

Review: ‘Empress #2’

Two different books from one writer starts this week, as we look at Chuck Amadori’s private eye story first with this week’s #PoPCSR Feature Review.

Review: 'Parallel Man #1'

Review: ‘Parallel Man #1’

PoP! gets its hands on a book that hasn’t even hit the shelves. Is it an anticipated release or does it even deserve to see the light of day? Find out inside!

Review: 'The Red Mask From Mars #1'

Review: ‘The Red Mask From Mars #1’

This week, Vincent Hunt and his book, The Red Mask From Mars, come under the scrutiny of the #PoPCSR Feature Review. See how it does inside.