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Year of the Magnus Part 2: Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus

Year of the Magnus Part 2: Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus

For the first time ever in the modern era, Ultra Magnus has gotten his own non-Optimus-derivitive figure and it is amazing. For MTMTE comics fans, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Season 1 of "iZombie" is an Unexpected Gem

Season 1 of “iZombie” is an Unexpected Gem

DC’s newest TV adaptation is a lot of fun and it is WAY better than POWERS.

Review: WAYWARD PINES - "Where Paradise Is Home"

Review: WAYWARD PINES – “Where Paradise Is Home”

TWIN PEAKS meets LOST in this familiar but fun series premiere, directed and executive-produced by none other than M. Night Shyamalan.

Review - CONSTANTINE, "Non Est Asylum"

Review – CONSTANTINE, “Non Est Asylum”

The newest small-screen comics adaptation successfully brings comicdom’s favorite exorcist antihero to life and provides a decent gateway to the supernatural pocket of the DC Universe for TV audiences.

Review - THE FLASH Series Premiere

Review – THE FLASH Series Premiere

DC’s Scarlet Speedster returns to the small screen in a fun and appropriately fast-paced pilot.

Review - GOTHAM Series Premiere

Review – GOTHAM Series Premiere

The first of the Fall season’s new comic-themed pilots is a flawed but interesting journey through Gotham City in the pre-Batman era.

Review: MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - Series Premiere

Review: MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – Series Premiere

The Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to the small screen courtesy of Joss Whedon and company in one of the most purely entertaining series premieres in ages.

Review: Wrestlemania 29

Review: Wrestlemania 29

After mixed periods of buildup, 2013 showcased its immortals on the biggest stage of all the grand-daddys in sports entertainment. Spoiler alert: Cena won.

Review: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Back!

Review: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Back!

Nickelodeon’s new ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ animated series debuted on Saturday. TMNT fans win again with a reboot that is sure to appeal to all ages, with great characters, action, humor, and a roller coaster of a story.

New York Comic-Con: Locke & Key Pilot Screening

New York Comic-Con: Locke & Key Pilot Screening

Fox may have passed on the pilot of IDW’s Locke & Key, but they gave a screening of it at New York Comic-Con. After watching it, we can only hope that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s horror epic finds a home as fast as possible.



The ThunderCats are on the move. The ThunderCats are loose. Cartoon Network’s reinvisioning of this ’80s classic premiered last night, and we’ll use our sight beyond sight to give you a rundown of the first two episodes. HO!

Review: David E. Kelley's 'Wonder Woman' Pilot

Review: David E. Kelley’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot

PoP!’s Jason Knize got himself a copy of the failed ‘Wonder Woman’ pilot, written by David E. Kelley and starring Adrianne Palicki. Will you be missing out come the new fall TV season, or did NBC make the right call?

Smallville Series Finale

Smallville Series Finale

As the CW’s longest running show draws to a close, we take a look at its final episode (two episodes?) and reflect on the final moments of the boy of steel. Warning: we’re going in spoiler heavy; tread lightly.

The Walking Dead, Season 1 Episode 2 "Guts"

The Walking Dead, Season 1 Episode 2 “Guts”

How far are AMC & The Walking Dead willing to go? Here’s a hint: I talk about pocket intestines in this review of the second episode of the recently renewed series.

The Walking Dead, Season 1 episode 1 "Days Gone Bye"

The Walking Dead, Season 1 episode 1 “Days Gone Bye”

This Halloween the show everyone’s been waiting for comes to AMC, and we’re here to let you know if you’re going to be treated or tricked.

Smallville Season 10, Episode 4 “Homecoming”

The best episode of Smallville yet? If not, it’s damned close. And with this as the final season, could we see Tom Welling on the big screen one day soon?

Dexter Season 5 Episode 2 - Hello Bandit

Dexter Season 5 Episode 2 – Hello Bandit

Dexter tries to settle into some kind of new normal, both for his kids and his audience. So far, he’s 50/50.

No Ordinary Family - Series Premiere

No Ordinary Family – Series Premiere

TV’s newest superhero drama needs to find its own identity before it becomes the next casualty of the ratings wars.

Dexter Season 5, Episode 1 - My Bad

Dexter Season 5, Episode 1 – My Bad

If you don’t know about the bathtub, do me a favor and don’t read this. I don’t wanna hear any belly-aching about spoilers. In other news, Dexter’s life is in the toilet.

Burn Notice – Season 4, Premiere, “Friends and Enemies”

When Sam Fisher guest stars on Burn Notice, you know that Matt Nix is cranking up the Miami heat on Michael, Sam, Fiona, and Maddie.

Lost, Season 6 - "The End"

Lost, Season 6 – “The End”

(Puts finger to lips) Eee-yibbidi-bibbidi-yibbidi-bibbidi-yibbidi-bibbidi…

Lost, Season 6 - "What They Died For"

Lost, Season 6 – “What They Died For”

Jacob’s successor is finally chosen, and the body count continues to rise.

Smallville Season 9 Season Finale

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

Lost, Season 6 - "Across the Sea"

Lost, Season 6 – “Across the Sea”

This week’s episode gives us a couple of big answers but leaves us with even more questions. Oh, Darlton, why must you play with our emotions?

Lost, Season 6 - "The Candidate"

Lost, Season 6 – “The Candidate”

This week’s episode takes a page from the Joss Whedon playbook and gives us a pretty sizeable body count.

Lost, Season 6 - "The Last Recruit"

Lost, Season 6 – “The Last Recruit”

With less than a handful of episodes left to go, we still can’t begin to predict how it’s all going to end. Did we expect anything less?

Lost, Season 6 - "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Lost, Season 6 – “Everybody Loves Hugo”

Explosions, epiphanies, and attempted murders abound in this week’s exciting installment.

Lost, Season 6 - "Happily Ever After"

Lost, Season 6 – “Happily Ever After”

Everyone’s favorite time-warping Scotsman returns to shed some light on this season’s biggest mystery, and the stage is set for what’s sure to be a fantastic finale. Strap in, “brutha” – it’s going to be quite a ride!

Lost, Season 6 - "The Package"

Lost, Season 6 – “The Package”

Well, some of us still like this show, at least, and now we’re finally seeing some results from all the weeks of planning and recruiting.

WWE Wrestlemania XXVI Review

WWE Wrestlemania XXVI Review

They’ve had 26 of these already? Jeez…you’d think they’d have the hang of it by now. Jason Knize begrudgingly reviews THE BIGGEST SPECTACLE IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT HISTORY OF ALL TIME EVER THIS WEEK!

Lost, Season 6 - "Ab Aeterno"

Lost, Season 6 – “Ab Aeterno”

You wanted answers? Well, you got ’em – sort of. We get the full story of Richard Alpert but there’s still no explanation for the eyeliner.

Breaking Bad, Season 3 Premiere - "No Mas"

Breaking Bad, Season 3 Premiere – “No Mas”

AMC’s Breaking Bad returns for a third season with a boom. Well, two booms. Or a couple of booms, if to believe the eye witnesses. But that actually happened last season… Okay, one big boom, but it’s great.

Lost, Season 6 - "Recon"

Lost, Season 6 – “Recon”

Kate cries, Sawyer takes his shirt off, and “Locke” reveals a bit about his childhood.

Lost, Season 6 - "Dr. Linus"

Lost, Season 6 – “Dr. Linus”

Did a major character die? Did we get any more answers this week? Did I screw up another character’s name? All will be revealed.

Burn Notice – Season 3, Episode 16, “Devil You Know”

As season three draws to a close, the stakes are raised, and the plot thickened like a fine roux. Add guest stars, simmer, and serve piping hot with a side of “Oh snap!”