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PoP! Sketch Up!

PoP! Sketch Up!

New Year…New PoP! Sketch Up! This will be the first non-themed collection we have featured. From a Sith Lord to a Dark Knight, from Avengers to a merc with a mouth, this collection covers a number of characters and styles.

Sketch Up! - August 2012

Sketch Up! – August 2012

Sketch Up! is back! This month the sketches are provided by artist Richard Cox. The Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman, is the center piece of this month’s collection. Artist Adam Hughes and Darwyn Cooke contribute sketches.

Sketch Up! - June 2012

Sketch Up! – June 2012

The sketch collection of PoP!ulation member Josh is featured in the June edition of Sketch Up! This particular sketchbook Josh shares with us focuses on DC’s Jonah Hex. He gives us details on why he chose Hex as his theme and why he enjoys the hobby.

Sketch Up! - May 2012

Sketch Up! – May 2012

The May Sketch Up! features none other than Mistah J himself. From the collection of Donny Munsell we present a sampling of his very extensive collection of Joker sketches. Enjoy this selection of Harley’s favorite clown.

Sketch Up! - April 2012

Sketch Up! – April 2012

This month features the collection of Lan Pitts. Dwindling his collection to a few favorites was no easy chore. One of his collections focuses on the lovely Zatanna. Let’s see what’s in store for us in this months !pU hctekS

Sketch Up! - March 2012

Sketch Up! – March 2012

This months Sketch Up! we will take a look at the Sketch collection of the first Fangirl of the Year Lisa “Spazzy” MacCarty. You will see that Lisa has a strong interest in a particular cat themed lady and doesn’t hide it.

Sketch Up! - February 2012

Sketch Up! – February 2012

Welcome to our new feature here at PoP! called Sketch Up! We will show off the art collections of numerous comic art fans. For our first Sketch Up! we get to take a glimpse at the comic art collection of Jason Palmer who has a little thing for The Punisher.