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Holy Crap! Remember... The Warlord?

Holy Crap! Remember… The Warlord?

A fantasy book that showed the comics medium is capable of decades ago is fondly remembered. Welcome back to Skartaris.

Holy Crap! Remember… When Ed Brubaker Wrote Godzilla

Holy Crap! Remember… When Ed Brubaker Wrote Godzilla

Before Ed Brubaker became the comic writing superstar that he is today, he was a part of the 90’s black and white indie scene. Let’s flashback to 20 years ago when Brubaker was given a crack at writing everyone’s favorite big, green monster.

Holy Crap, Remember...INNERSPACE?

Holy Crap, Remember…INNERSPACE?

One of the great Joe Dante’s most underrated films is finally coming to Blu-Ray. Does it hold up nearly thirty years later?

Holy Crap! Remember... The Tick?

Holy Crap! Remember… The Tick?

It’s time for a look back at the short-lived live action sitcom about what superheroes do during their downtime. Evil men, you face the Tick.

Holy Crap, Remember...SECRET WARS II?

Holy Crap, Remember…SECRET WARS II?

Companywide comic events still don’t get any crazier than when the Beyonder took a tour of the Marvel Universe three decades ago.

Holy Crap, Remember...David Cronenberg's THE BROOD?

Holy Crap, Remember…David Cronenberg’s THE BROOD?

This early creepfest from the Master of Body Horror sheds a particularly strange light on the side-effects of pop psychology.

Holy Crap! Remember... Exiles?

Holy Crap! Remember… Exiles?

Take the “What If…?” concept, add a dash of Sliders, and you’ve got Marvel’s heroic reality-jumping team.

Holy Crap! Remember... The Rocketeer?

Holy Crap! Remember… The Rocketeer?

When pilot Cliff Secord discovers a jet pack, he uses it to take to the skies and battle evil as the Rocketeer!

Holy Crap, Remember...The Ice Harvest?

Holy Crap, Remember…The Ice Harvest?

This modern-day film noir starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton is one of the most underseen and underrated films directed by the late, great Harold Ramis.

Holy Crap! Remember...'The Xtacles'?

Holy Crap! Remember…’The Xtacles’?

What do you get when you give a bunch of bumbling idiots Iron-Man armor, a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and no accountability? ‘The Xtacles’, the robot-pants-wearing wannabes spun-off from ‘Frisky Dingo’!

Holy Crap! Remember... Killraven?

Holy Crap! Remember… Killraven?

You all remember the War of the Worlds, but did you know that Marvel made a sequel? Journey back (forward?) into the life of gladiator-turned-rebel Killraven.

Holy Crap! Remember... Powerpuff Girls Z?

Holy Crap! Remember… Powerpuff Girls Z?

Because someone somewhere decided that the Powerpuff Girls wasn’t quite nutty enough, we now have this amazing Japanese import of Townsville’s heroines and their delightfully insane rogues.

Holy Crap, Remember...Emperor Doom?

Holy Crap, Remember…Emperor Doom?

This Eighties-era gem from Marvel is one of the greatest stories centered around one of the elite villains in all of comicdom.

Holy Crap! Remember... The 32X?

Holy Crap! Remember… The 32X?

A year before Nintendo would release the Virtual Boy, Sega gave us the 32X. It was the first in a series of failures that eventually drove Sega out of the console business for good. It’s one of the worst ideas in the history of gaming.

Holy Crap, Remember… Mighty Orbots?

Holy Crap, Remember… Mighty Orbots?

Despite its standard, just-like-almost-every-other-1980s-cartoon premise, Orbots had quite a few characteristics about it that distinguished it from its competition. Find about those inside!

Holy Crap, Remember...Oz Squad?

Holy Crap, Remember…Oz Squad?

This controversial and very Nineties update of L. Frank Baum’s classic characters was an interesting precursor to the current wave of Oz -related properties.

Holy Crap! Remember…The Silver Samurai Action Figure?

Holy Crap! Remember…The Silver Samurai Action Figure?

With an appearance in The Wolverine on the horizon, prepare for peg loads of Silver Samurai figures to invade your local toy aisles. Hopefully they go better than the waste of plastic that was his first action figure.

Holy Crap, Remember...100+ Issue Comic Runs?

Holy Crap, Remember…100+ Issue Comic Runs?

In today’s reboot and relaunch-happy era, we probably won’t see many mainstream comics reach triple-digit issue numbers anytime soon, which is kind of a shame.

Holy Crap! Remember…Superman Red/Blue?

Holy Crap! Remember…Superman Red/Blue?

The year was 1998 and in between listening to Third Eye Blind and making jokes about Bill Clinton comic fans everywhere were getting double vision…from rolling their eyes at one of the worst ideas ever: Superman Red & Superman Blue.

Holy Crap! Remember... Stay Tuned?

Holy Crap! Remember… Stay Tuned?

In this overlooked comedy, a couch-potato and his wife are sucked into a demonic television set, where they have twenty-four hours to survive or lose their souls to the Devil.

Holy Crap! Remember... the Spawn Movie?

Holy Crap! Remember… the Spawn Movie?

Anyone who says they weren’t into Spawn at some point is lying to your face. The mania culminated in 1997 in the “special effects movie of the year.” With suitably lowered expectations, let’s see how it holds up.

Holy Crap! Remember... Chrono Trigger?

Holy Crap! Remember… Chrono Trigger?

In an age where video games are becoming more and more cinematic in their presentation, sometimes it’s nice to revisit the past. In Chrono Trigger, visiting the past is the hook of the game, so you know… Meta.

Holy Crap, Remember...RAVENOUS?

Holy Crap, Remember…RAVENOUS?

This period horror gem from 1999 is mostly forgotten today but is long overdue for a resurgence. Just don’t eat meat when you watch it.

Holy Crap! Remember... Battle Pope?

Holy Crap! Remember… Battle Pope?

After the Rapture, Hell has invaded Earth. Who can keep the peace between humanity and the demons? None other than the cigar-chompin’, babe-lovin’ Battle Pope, that’s who!



Animation vet Ralph Bakshi’s twisted revamp of the iconic cartoon superhero was short-lived and controversial but also quite influential and ahead of its time.

Holy Crap, Remember...Dirty Work?

Holy Crap, Remember…Dirty Work?

After his SNL stint and before he became an auto insurance pitchman, laconic funnyman Norm MacDonald starred in this bizarre,comedic romp that stands out as one of the most underrated comedies of the Nineties.

Holy Crap! Remember... Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters?

Holy Crap! Remember… Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters?

The future of Star Wars is constantly changing in exciting new ways. Look back at the original ‘Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters’ and you’ll see how much the Star Wars universe has changed in just the past two decades.

Holy Crap! Remember... UHF!

Holy Crap! Remember… UHF!

Spatula City, Wheels of Fish and Conan the Barbarian! Holy Crap! Remember UHF? Take a trip down memory lane with the Guzmaniac as we take a look at the 1989 cult classic that is UHF.

Holy Crap! Remember... Jack Frost?

Holy Crap! Remember… Jack Frost?

For no other reason than it being obvious,there are two movies about snowmen named Jack Frost come to life and it’s hard to decide which premise is more terrifying. This holiday season, you be the judge.

Holy Crap! Remember... Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie?

Holy Crap! Remember… Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie?

It’s not often that an animated feature can score a homerun where a live action movie fails in every conceivable way. That’s exactly what happened in 1994 in one of the best video game adaptations ever made.

Holy Crap, Remember...Rom: Spaceknight

Holy Crap, Remember…Rom: Spaceknight

If you were a Marvel reader during the Robot-Happy Eighties, then you definitely remember this cult-favorite character who many fans would love to see come back to the 616.

Holy Crap! Remember... Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe?

Holy Crap! Remember… Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe?

So long, Spidey. Arrivederci, Avengers. Exit the X-Men, stage dead. Frank Castle tears through Marvel in this Garth Ennis classic.

Holy Crap, Remember... TGIF?

Holy Crap, Remember… TGIF?

Kids of the ’80s and early ’90s really had the best television. One of the shining gems of early 1990s television was ABC’s TGIF programming block. With shows like Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step, life was good.

Holy Crap! Remember... The Addams Family?

Holy Crap! Remember… The Addams Family?

They’re creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and altogether ooky. Before the bar was so terribly lowered, they were also the stars of one of the best TV-to-film adaptations of the ‘90’s. Snap, snap and all that.

Holy Crap! Remember... Mom & Dad Save the World?

Holy Crap! Remember… Mom & Dad Save the World?

Dick and Marge Nelson are all that stand in the way of the destruction of Earth. Luckily, they’re up against Emperor Jon Lovitz and a planet of idiots.