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The PrincessCast Episode 0

The PrincessCast Episode 0

Mahoney poisoned Meg. Justice League 2, Image’s #1 issues, new Wizard World president, Bleeding Larry?, Jar Jar forever, infidelity in Spider-Man, Catwoman’s new Pumas ROCK! As always, Mahoney’s opinions don’t matter.

The PrincessCast Episode 113

The PrincessCast Episode 113

This week, DC makes us say “WTF”. RIP to Stuart Freeborn. Star Wars spinoff movies, because enough of Yoda you cannot have. Star-Lord! KHAAAAAAAN! PS3 players can finally get Skyrim DLC. When fictional teenagers behave badly.

The PrincessCast Episode 112

The PrincessCast Episode 112

On this week’s PrincessCast: News from the Big Apple, Spazzy drops some STD knowledge, Valentine’s Day plans, TMNT villains, ‘Justice League’ and ‘Man of Steel’, R.L. Stine, Monster High, and Devonton Abbey.

The PrincessCast Episode 111

The PrincessCast Episode 111

This week’s topics: J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars. Atari filed for bankruptcy. Kerouac bought the Batmobile. Ed Kramer makes us feel icky. Chris Pine = Rob Liefeld? The Jenny Olsen conspiracy. Don’t be a jerk and try new things, OK?

The PrincessCast Episode 110

The PrincessCast Episode 110

This week’s PrincessCast features Death Stars, Agent Coulson, comics we’re GLAAD to read, the Batmobile, “X and the City”, Fables, Disney does Skylanders, zombie tits, King of the Nerds, Archer, Star Wars #1, and a hell of a lot more.

The PrincessCast Episode 109

The PrincessCast Episode 109

Christmas and New Years, Yoshiki strikes again, Peter David and Space Cases (get well soon!), George Lucas sells his company then gets engaged, Resident Evil 6 is glitchy, Little Big Planet 2 is hypnotic, Django is off the chain, comic books, and more.

The PrincessCast Episode 108

The PrincessCast Episode 108

Topics for this pre-Christmas episode of the PrincessCast include the new year, Christmas stores, lies by omission, Gail Simone vs. DC, being the “office nerd”, video game checkpoints, comic talk, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Merry Christmas, everyone.

The PrincessCast Episode 107

The PrincessCast Episode 107

The PrincessCast discusses Christmas preparations, working crazy hours, Peg Leg Pete’s long overdue email, the best places to shop online for geeky presents, and wish list etiquette. Don’t be THAT person.

The PrincessCast Episode 106

The PrincessCast Episode 106

Arm wrestling T-Mobile for free phones. Spazzy’s Wii U review. Gay men will marry your girlfriends. Cosplay drag queens. Super spoilerific Walking Dead discussion. My Little Pony #1.

The PrincessCast Episode 105

The PrincessCast Episode 105

It’s a short show this week. Christina reviews Halo 4. Weird German penis energy drinks. DC’s new 52 ‘Batman’ vs. ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’. Mary explains why she’s not buying anything from Image Comics for a while.

The PrincessCast Episode 104

The PrincessCast Episode 104

This week’s PrincessCast features Meg’s adventures in France, Christina’s adventures in obtaining borrowed property, and Mary’s adventures in writing. Also, the military from two different perspectives and Han Solo in Star Wars VII.

The PrincessCast Episode 103

The PrincessCast Episode 103

What was originally supposed to be a quickie midnight show turned into a long discussion of Star Wars, Disney, Wreck-It Ralph, and Halo 4. How many dump trucks of money will it take to get Harrison Ford back into his Corellian Bloodstripes?

The PrincessCast Episode 102

The PrincessCast Episode 102

Christina and Mary are back this week talking about zombie calendars, Wawa, Collection Intervention, geeky obsessions, and the end of Attack of the Show and X-Play on G4. The Walking Dead. Comic book press releases. Is Pottermore still a thing?

The PrincessCast Episode 101

The PrincessCast Episode 101

The internet takes some of the hugest dumps ever during this show. 101 Dalmatians references. Christina can’t marathon her video games. Mary watched a guy jump out of a balloon. The Walking Dead. This is OUR binder.

The PrincessCast Episode 100

The PrincessCast Episode 100

It’s episode 100! It’s been a long road from July 2010, but we finally made it. Deadpool Killustrated, a Star Wars museum exhibit, Community getting delayed indefinitely, and more. Also, should anonymity be expected on the internet?

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 99

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 99

On this episode of the PrincessCast, ‘The Princess Bride’ is 25, Star Wars Reads Day, ‘Boondock Saints 3’, TMNT, ‘Warm Bodies’, Supergirl, Hack/Slash, and Idolized. Also, Facebook wants your money and Myspace wants attention.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 98

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 98

This week’s episode of The PrincessCast has emails, Stan Lee’s new bionic body part, television, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comics, and a lot more. The internet, two computers, and a mixer all commit suicide. You’re welcome, LWiP.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 97

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 97

On this week’s PrincessCast, Meg and Mary discuss Avengers 2, Transformers 4, Robocop’s new fashion statement, Gotham City Imposters, Batman, Bill Nye, and review DC’s #0 issues. They also call people “doodieheads”. Yeah, that happened.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 96

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 96

On this week’s PrincessCast, Locke & Key news, Thor: The Dark World, and tech announcements. iPhone 5, Wii U, and the Kindle Fire HD. Apple’s new connector. Mary shows off a new Kindle game and book. More reality TV in the form of Breaking Amish. Then, Gangnam Style.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 95

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 95

The PrincessCast convenes for a second week in a row to re-discuss terrible reality TV. 2 out of 3 Princesses do not support ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’. ‘Collection Intervention’. Bill Nye supports science education. Everybody is sleep-deprived.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 94

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 94

This week, Christina has a weird encounter while in arm therapy, Star Wars Celebration VI, rancor engagements, and terrible reality TV talk! The Princesses discuss Collection Intervention, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Stars Earn Stripes.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 93

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 93

This week, The PrincessCast discusses ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and Bane’s voice, how to create a great movie based on comics or games, Star Wars Celebration VI, Her Universe, naked cosplay, and more for nearly TWO HOURS.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 92

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 92

Topics include the “worst comic book movie performances” scandal, parody videos, Wizard World Chicago and other weekend conventions, the awesome kids of the PoP!ulation, and a review of ‘Total Recall’.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 91

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 91

Christian Bale is awesome personified, Nestor Carbonell’s eyelashes, Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC, indie game ‘The Binding of Isaac’, Olympic opening ceremonies. All of this and more on this episode of The PrincessCast.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 90

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 90

Spazzy, C-Pain, and ZombieNightingale get together talk BATMAN! But first, we hear the story of ZN’s disturbing arm injury. Discussion of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. NO SPOILERS! How you can help the victims of the Aurora shooting.

PCN - The PrincessCast Episode 89

PCN – The PrincessCast Episode 89

It’s C-Pain and Spazzy as ZombieNightingale recuperates from a nasty accident, and Meg’s internet bites the dust. San Diego Comic Con. Safety at conventions. My Little Pony comic series. DirecTV and Viacom suck.

PCN - The PrincessCast Episode 88

PCN – The PrincessCast Episode 88

Movies, games, and YouTube needs to chill the blankety-blank out. It’s all positivity as we talk about Amazing Spider-Man, Skyrim: Dawnguard, Catwoman’s butt vs. Trish Stratus’, and emulated N64 games. I AM THE GREAT MIGHTY POO!

PCN - The PrincessCast Episode 87

PCN – The PrincessCast Episode 87

It’s hard to remember every tangent the Princesses went on this week, but there were a lot. ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ is awesome. ‘Brave’ is awesome. And there’s that dumb “Is Merida gay?” question. *slaps society around a bit with a large trout*

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 86

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 86

We discuss Catwoman #0, German ice wines, and gaming. The internet gets crappy intermittently. We decide to start our own game nights! Check inside for the details.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 85

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 85

E3 is here! We put on our gamer panties and geek out about the newest games coming out in the next year. There’s a bit of comic talk, but it’s mostly games, games, and more games.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 84

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 84

OMG guys, WE’RE ON VIDEO! We’ve all finally seen The Avengers, speculation on characters for Avengers 2 and Iron Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, and zombies in South Florida. All on glorious YouTube video.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 83

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 83

Spazzy, Mary, and special guest ZombieNightingale join forces to bring you this week’s episode of the PrincessCast. There’s a lot of talk about things going on in our lives and some talk about Marvel’s gay wedding and DC’s secret gay character.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 82

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 82

This week, Mary is joined by special guest Christina Reichl, aka ZombieNightingale! We discuss her really unique job, her experiences at C2E2, and a story of being treated “like a girl” in a comic book shop.

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 81

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 81

This week’s burning questions: Are the My Little Ponies eating disordered? How do Anna Paquin’s teeth work? Will Mary ever go to the doctor? Answers to these questions and the world’s most disjointed C2E2 recap on this episode of The PrincessCast!

PCN - PrincessCast Episode 80

PCN – PrincessCast Episode 80

Things get a bit ranty on this episode of The PrincessCast. ‘Hunger Games’ racism, the MPAA’s lack of common sense, and Arizona passes an internet censorship bill. We have some fun though, with April Fool’s Day pranks, comic talk, and more.