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Property Ladder - Howard The Duck

Property Ladder – Howard The Duck

After being a Seventies cult icon and an Eighties cinematic laughing stock, Marvel’s resident talking waterfowl has popped up again in the most unlikely of places. Will this mark the dawning of a new era for Duckworld’s favorite son?

Property Ladder: Ricochet

Property Ladder: Ricochet

Professional wrestling has a new star by the name of Ricochet rising up the ranks. After winning the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament he’s climbing up the Property Ladder.

Property Ladder : Godzilla Through The Ages

Property Ladder : Godzilla Through The Ages

The world-famous King Of The Monsters has been a pop-culture staple for sixty years now, but with a new big-budget reboot coming this week to theaters, Big G’s popularity is definitely on the rise.

Property Ladder: Deathlok

Property Ladder: Deathlok

Whether coming from alternate futures, evil corporations or shadowy conspiracies, Marvel’s Deathlok is ready to kick ass and take names. Possibly without the names part.

Property Ladder: Preacher

Property Ladder: Preacher

One of the most brilliant and controversial comic series will see the light of day on television after nearly 14 years of effort thanks to Sony Television and AMC. That easily puts Preacher on top of the Property Ladder.

Property Ladder: Professor Zoom

Property Ladder: Professor Zoom

In the last five years, Professor Zoom has raised his stock from an already formidable villain to one who changed an entire comics universe & future antagonist on a CW series. Eobard Thawne is definitely at the top of the ‘Property Ladder’.

Property Ladder - The Vision

Property Ladder – The Vision

From Clark Gregg to Vin Diesel, everyone is rumored to play the Vision these days. Congratulations Vision, you’re at the top of the Property Ladder.

Property Ladder - Quicksilver

Property Ladder – Quicksilver

He’s been a mutant terrorist, a member of the Avengers, and that guy standing impatiently behind you at the ATM. Next up, he’s going to be a movie star. Twice. Quicksilver is definitely at the top of the Property Ladder.

Property Ladder - Kate Bishop

Property Ladder – Kate Bishop

She began as a background character in a book about teenage replacement heroes. She spent years bouncing from one mini-series appearance to the next. But man, it’s amazing what a difference a Matt Fraction/David Aja book can make. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Kate Bishop is at the top of her Property Ladder.

Property Ladder: Guardians of the Galaxy

Property Ladder: Guardians of the Galaxy

With their eventual inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s time to take a look at this rag-tag bunch of cosmic heroes.

Property Ladder - Winter Soldier

Property Ladder – Winter Soldier

After plenty of online speculation, Marvel Studios has officially announced that the Winter Soldier will be the focus of the Captain America sequel. Unfamiliar? Read on for a primer and tell your friends!

Property Ladder: Arrested Development

Property Ladder: Arrested Development

It’s taken far too long, but the Bluth clan is finally headed to the big screen, with a stop at Netflix along the way. And hopefully a rumored plot will prove to be true…

Property Ladder - U.S. Agent

Property Ladder – U.S. Agent

He’s been a villain. He’s been a hero. He’s been Captain America. And for most of his career, U.S. Agent has been a joke. But now, John Walker has finally found his place.

Property Ladder - The Muppets

Property Ladder – The Muppets

Jim Henson’s beloved felt creations have dipped in popularity in the past decade, but they are priming themselves for a major comeback with their latest big-screen adventure.

Property Ladder: Stormwatch

Property Ladder: Stormwatch

Wildstorm and now DC Comic’s Stormwatch has had a varied publishing history, and a lot of controversey around it too. Here we start back in 1993 and chronicle the book’s history up until now.

Property Ladder: UFC

Property Ladder: UFC

The UFC hasn’t always been the well oiled money making machine that we see now. The company went from massively in debt to one of the most popular PPV businesses in the world. In this article we explore how.

Property Ladder - Shockwave

Property Ladder – Shockwave

It is said that in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. Shockwave here has had his ups and downs over the years, but it may just be time for this fan-favorite Decepticon to finally get the upper hand in his own game of thrones.

Property Ladder - Green Lantern

Property Ladder – Green Lantern

Blake Lively be damned, this summer’s color is sure to be green!

Property Ladder - Heroes for Hire

Property Ladder – Heroes for Hire

Sweet Christmas! The series returns for its fourth volume in December.

Property Ladder - Vampirella

Property Ladder – Vampirella

She’s been around for decades and she’s prepped for a comeback. Before the new series launches, enjoy this crash course in Vampistory.

Property Ladder - Rocket Raccoon & Groot

Property Ladder – Rocket Raccoon & Groot

Two of Marvel’s more obscure characters are becoming fan favorites.

Property Ladder - GI Joe

Property Ladder – GI Joe

After a decade or so of leave, the Joe team returns to fight the greatest evil known to man… disposable income!

Property Ladder - Ghost

Property Ladder – Ghost

There’s no Unchained Melody, though this character may be a little unchained himself…