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Previously in… CASANOVA

Previously in… CASANOVA

New issues of Casanova are staring to roll out very soon, but it’s been a while. What has happened in this series so far? Read on to refresh your memory or get caught up.

Previously In... Marvel's Ancient Egyptian Superhero Jamboree!

Previously In… Marvel’s Ancient Egyptian Superhero Jamboree!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. The Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, the West Coast Avengers and Apocalypse walk into a pyramid…

Previously In...The Marvel Movie Canon

Previously In…The Marvel Movie Canon

Before Earth’s Mightiest Heroes join forces for the first time on the big screen on May 4th, let’s take a look back at all the converging storylines that brought them together.

Previously in... Avengers vs. X-Men

Previously in… Avengers vs. X-Men

Round 1 of #AvX is well under way, but how did we come to this tete a tete? PoP! brings you the history of the two teams, the tale of the tape, and every other juicy little morsel you’ll need to digest before sinking your teeth into Marvel’s event of the year!

Previously on… Justified

Previously on… Justified

The third season of one of the best shows on television started just last week, and I know what you’re thinking: “But PoP!, I haven’t watched/can’t remember the first two seasons!” Well shame on you. Good thing Previously On… is here to get you caught up on everything leading up to this point.

Previously in... Journey into Mystery

Previously in… Journey into Mystery

He’s little. He’s French. He’s starring in one of the best books you’re not reading. He’s Loki – and he’s not what you expect him to be. Get caught up on Marvel’s Journey into Mystery!

Previously in... X-Men

Previously in… X-Men

Marvel’s merry mutants first saw publication in September of 1963. A LOT has happened since then, and it’s not always easy to get a handle on it all. PoP! has got you covered with a trip down memory lane that even an Adamantium bullet couldn’t erase.

Previously in... IDW's Transformers G1

Previously in… IDW’s Transformers G1

These aren’t your father’s Transformers! … sunnuvabitch, your father might’ve had Transformers. Goddamn I’m getting old.